Some good news about water striders

From Wowhead

Because of the dominance of Water Strider, they are removing its ability to walk on water according to T&E. However as Blizzard clarified, if you have the mount equipment system unlocked, you can use the equipment on level 20 characters.

T&E announced that if you have a Water Strider on 8.2’s launch, you will get a free [Inflatable Mount Shoes] item which lets all your mounts walk on water. In addition, if you head to the vendor where you bought a Water Strider, you’ll be able to buy more of this item for a greatly reduced price as an advantage for those who already have the Water Strider.

So it looks like we can get this ability discounted


ETA: This kinda sucks since I spent a lot of time getting that mount.

I did spend a lot of time getting that mount. Note that mount was only revered with Anglers, and I ground out Nat Pagle to exalted for the fishing hat (which I regrettably deleted, I suppose I can buy another…).

I did get a ton of use out of that mount, both in Legion and in BFA, and overall I was glad I did that grind.

But aesthetically I agree, mounts right now are super boring. We have these massive collections of mounts we seldom use because they lack functionality of the limited set of mounts that do more than move fast. Examples here are SKy Golem which lets you herb while mounted; the various 2 person mounts that let you bring along a buddy; the various underwater high speed mounts; the water strider that lets you walk on water; and the yaks that have vendors. What I find is I typically wind up using those mounts and every last character looks the same, and I take a functionality hit if I go for the style of using something different.

So for me I welcome this new mount system as I can now have a cool looking mount that fits each toon, and gear it out to do whatever I want. The Sky Golem will likely still be a mainstay, since herbing is so profitable, and it makes so much sense to do it on the Sky Golem. But it will get even better if you can add water walking to the Sky Golem…now you can herb and walk on water…good stuff.

Snydelee, you know with the Monel-Hardened Stirrups you can gather/talk to npcs/etc in Kul Tiras or Zandalar for 2 hours?

Yes, but I had forgotten the name. My plan is for my miner/blacksmith Highmountain Tauran on the Horde side to make a bunch of those since their racial is rapid mining, and then he would zip across the land mining while mounted. Do you know if they let you stay in flight form as a druid and mine?

What I did not know and I thank you for pointing out that they permit herbing as well, and interacting with quest givers. I suppose they are a buff like Stables from the garrison. Nice.

I use the favorite button on a bound key, so I am cycling through tons of mounts. I keep the water strider, the yak and the sky golem on my toolbar for those times I need them.

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