Soloing in Pantheon

As I often only have little chunks of time to play, this has been something I have been following. I liked this video from Baz:


Very informative. Made me wonder who DesignOTG was :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t followed Pantheon for some time. Anyone know what the time frame is on Alphas/Betas/Gammas? I might have even thrown money at them once…I can’t remember.
Wait…who am I again?


I do not exist. There is nothing to see here… :wink:

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In all seriousness, though. I am still around, checking in every now and then.

We’re coming up on four years since I took over as Lead for Pantheon, and in that time we’ve only seen two pre-alpha tests (PA-4 and PA-5). I do like their more recent updates and I think the game is (slowly) getting into a pretty good state. Like everyone else, I just wish their progress was a bit speedier!

If anyone ever has a question, feel free to PM me here. I get email notifications, so they’re a good way to catch me if I’m less active on the forum. I am still hopeful that once we get into Beta, updates will pick up and we can more freely discuss things without the restrictions of the NDA.

Hope you’re all doing well, and I look forward to gaming together… some day. :slight_smile:


I am still hopeful of the Beta coming one day!

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Purchased the Knights package back in 2016 and get more frustrated every month as I keep waiting for BETA. Sure the published gameplay looks great, but can anyone say with any certainty that the game will be released in the next year, 2 years, or even 5 years? In six years, I would have thought they would have at least been in beta, yet with each month, it seems further away. I very clearly remember Everquest Next.

I’m with you there, Bildazar.

It’s tough to stay positive after waiting so long with no end in sight. That’s why I’ve taken to tuning it out. I see updates here and there when Baz posts stuff, but I can’t maintain the same level of enthusiasm I had for a while there.

I’m hoping the next PA round or perhaps Alpha / Beta time estimates will help revive my interest. On the bright side, they’re still going! I got burned by EQ:N as well (and quite a few others), but if nothing else, Visionary Realms still exists and is apparently funded well enough to continue.