So this is creepy

Watching this my thoughts were along the lines of ‘rabid furries vs lizard people’ or maybe ‘the evil gremlins have gotten bigger’.

The teddy bear heads remind me of Umbrella Academy and the helmets worn by Cha Cha and Hazel.

I like the vanduul mask, but having to kill 50 people? What a joke. I don’t even KNOW 50 people and I’m not going to bother installing the client for what amounts to a gankfest shooting gallery, a game filled with PK’rs flying around, trying to prevent people from getting masks because they consider it “challenge driven” and only those who “earned” it should have it, losing their minds that people are kill trading to get them, calling it cheating.

Killer Care Bears… From Space!

I need to form a squad

There’s apparently a discord channel out there somewhere where 500 people stand around letting people shoot them to get the mask. If I knew where it was I might consider doing it, just to be a middle finger to the competitive PvP players :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a fan of any of the masks so not interested.