So I've Played with all the Weapon types and so far the winner is


In both the early game and end game content available to us, the rifle has proven to be most effective for ME in terms of stopping power. It’s not as sexy as full auto weapons but, at least for me, I can land more shots more often with the rifle.

YMMV cuz maybe I just suck at controlling full auto weapons haha.

Though from what I’ve seen there have been few weapons that have been complete duds…unlike D1.

I’d be interested to hear your experiences with the weapons so far. I have found something to like about most all the guns I played with.

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Yep, so far Rifle has become my preferred weapon as well. Assault Rifle comes in a close second behind it, but the recoil drift makes it less accurate unless you constantly stop and re-aim.

Yes, I always find myself starting low and ending high on each burst, so I’ve begun my Assault Rifle shots at the groin. Seems legit.

But yes, rifle + SMG seems pretty OP. Much like the first one … though I find the Assault Rifles are pretty boss as a secondary, only second to the PP-19 (best SMG in the game, imho)

No matter the game, I always go for LMG’s. Just something about the rambo effect.
I used marksman rifles in D1 but i found them cumbersome to use in D2 so far.

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Rifles will be big at the start … until they get nerfed.

AA-12, fully auto shotgun. For those close, personal kills that you want to make sure everyone hears. Great back up for me to the M44. Used to be The Showstopper in D1, and I’m really glad it’s more available now.

I am a more LMG/Shotgun guy myself. :slight_smile:

I always like me some assault rifles, but I’m also partial to LMG and shotgun. Shotgun for those stupid drug addict melee enemies. LMG is nice for the suppressing fire effect.

I could see LMG being a part of a fire team. Suppressing fire while the other team members maneuver against the targets…plus they’re great against targets out of cover.

I definitely want to team up as that really makes the LMG shine, as you hold them in place, team members can flank, maybe have one sniper with rifle picking off head poppers, and two flanking with ARs and SMGs. Winning formula there.

So far, I think I like D2 better than D1. I think I will also want to do DZ more than before as well.

I spent several hours in the DZ during open beta and found it enjoyable. Stole some shit, hacked some shit, went rogue a bunch, died, good times.

I am glad to see that the marksman rifles have a bit more kick than they did in D1. I have been running with a Classic M44 and an AUG-A3 SMG with extended clip for up close and personal. There isn’t much better than 1 shot kills from a distant. I’ve been able to keep teams of 4-5 people at a distant (even with the rushers) just with the rifle, and with the very low kick of the SMG, its easy to stay on mass when they do get close. Teaming up with you LMG folks would be quite fun, which happens to be my least favorite weapon.

I have to concur with the Rifle thang.

I was ragging on them in the closed beta, wondering why they even existed when we already had low-dmg/high-rof marksman rifles, why did rifles exist?

Then I used them in the tech test and the open beta and I’m in loves. What I also noticed (corroborated by MarcoStyle <-- video link) was how insanely awesome stability mods were on rifles.

Assault rifles are also amazingly awesome, having almost negligible recoil.

And of course I have to give a shout out to my 53-rnd magazine Peepee!

cant wait to pvp in the dz. needs thosz tearzz

I also favor the Rifle over all of the other weapons. Cant remember what its called in game but my favorite was the Scar-H. Put an extended mag mod on it and it was incredible with like 60 rounds to pump into my enemies. Took forever to reload but with such a massive magazine capacity it didn’t matter. Second to the Rifle I liked the Marksman Rifles (For the most part.) Weapon type really depended on how I was going to approach the next mission.

Best weapon in the game so far for me is: Assault Turret + attack drone. :sunglasses:

Seriously though, sniper/marksman at long range, rifle/assault/LMG at mid, shotgun/smg at close range. Since we only get 2 weapon slots to swap between, I tend to use a good stable assault rifle and a sniper. I use the sniper for long range, or when they’re hiding behind cover and pop up occasionally. Assault rifle for moving targets or at close range.

Most smg are too inaccurate, and have too short of a damage dropoff for anything except very close range.

Single shot rifles are pretty good, but at mid to high levels it takes more than a couple shots to kill, and I’d rather be able to burst with an assault rifle. I got a starting rifle from ultimate edition or preorder or something on pc, and it has a douple-tap trigger, but the recoil is so bad the second shot always misses; the damage is excellent, but it’s a waste of ammo.

I think at 30 I’ll be going sniper specialization, or demolitionist. If there’s a way to respect, I’ll try demo first; I did sniper during testing and I really liked it, but I noticed everyone I grouped with was also sniper lol.

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For that exotic rifle…when you pull the trigger don’t release, that will be the 1st shot. Then when you release the trigger it will fire the 2nd shot. Hard to get used to and the gun was quickly replaced but I look forward to building a level 30 version.

I’m really starting to enjoy the medium shield that let’s you use shotguns and assault rifles with the shield.

Lately I’ve been using a marksman and assault rifle…mainly because I got some high end drops of those two types haha. Effective combo IF you don’t get locked into looking down scope on the marksman too much and get flanked.

My goto has been assault rifle and a rifle. Tonight I am going to try a marksman and remove the scope.