Smithfire coffee runs rules

  1. must be in discord mic is optional
  2. follow the rules of the leaders
  3. be patience with others sometimes i have new guild members that have not done the boss fights and are learning the mechanics of the fights
  4. respect other players
  5. i will give one warning then i will remove player that’s causing issues from the group
    i try to make the group events fun, but when i have players taking quest items without the group there at the site we end up spending more time waiting for quest items to spawn.
    i usually try to make the events 2 hrs long with ten minute break in between the 2 hrs
    thank you for all who come and have fun

If you remove me, I shall cry-eth! :hot_face::sob::sob:

i dont have worry about you you always follow the rules

I know I do go to these, but the rules sound fair. It’s worth being in discord sometimes just to listen. I’ve learned a lot that way.

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