Small sized monitor as second monitor...questions

I am looking for a small sized monitor that can be used as a secondary screen to put my Discord VOIP on while playing games.

Currently I have to constantly open my discord to see things written and who is in channel, etc. I have the overlay which works for seeing who is speaking but I would love to move that to a smaller secondary screen.

I am looking at these monitors and want some feedback please:

  1. Lilliput 7-inch USB LCD Video Monitor UM70 (UM-70) (Non-Touchscreen)
  2. Lilliput 10.1" Fa1011-np/c/t VGA LED Touch Monitor with Hdmi&dvi Input by VIVITEQ INC
  3. HP Retail Integrated 7-inch Customer Facing Display - LCD - USB - Black

I have my currently monitor on a separate movable table which has enough room on it to add another smaller one. But I don’t want a large monitor, a small one just large enough for the discord setup to be installed on so that I can view it easily and quickly while in games.

Any help will be appreciated.

Do you have any leftover monitors? If so, you should think about just putting one up in portrait mode as opposed to landscape. It’s great especially for things like Discord.

Unfortunately, I don’t. My son inherited my monitor after I purchased my current one and he is running dual monitors on his setup at the moment…and not interested in going back to single.

I did not think about a second monitor until just recently, hence my posting.

Just get the biggest monitor you can possibly squeeze into your available area. Touch screen might be nice for discord if it lets you change channels and stuff without actually switching Windows focus to the 2nd monitor. Not sure. But of the three you’ve listed, I’d vote for the 10.1". :slight_smile:

Monitors are pretty cheap nowadays. You can pick up a 17" for next to nothing. Just use the correct settings to extend the monitor for easy of screen usage.

Thanks for the feedback. Will be checking things out now that the sales are starting…I just might get lucky again and pick up a deal.

I like the idea of touch screen …after all, I am starting to like my Moto G7 phone…just wish the screen would not go black in the middle of the call…I much prefer to see what’s there while talking in case I need to swap to see something else. I imagine there is a setting somewhere to stop that screen darkening which appears to be a power saver of some sort.

Still very new to this new tech…but like most things, I am determined to learn new things. :grin:

You THINK you want that, but you don’t. That keeps you from beeping in the other person’s ear and/or hanging up on them. My mom did that with her last phone and hung up on everyone. I finally convinced her to let the proximity sensor do its job and everyone is happier.

The phone screen will go back on when you take it away from your ear.

well, most of the time I have it on speaker and have to keep my thumb on the screen to keep it from going dark. When it goes dark, even after the other person hangs up I have to press the start button to get it to unlock the screen so I can do other things,

And in voice mail I have to press 7 to delete any voice messages before I log out of voice mail, but if the screen went dark, I have to press the start button just so I can actually see the number pad to delete the voice mail I just listened to before hitting the red hang up icon…its annoying as all get out.