Skull and Bones

Anyone playing this game? I didn’t have any expectations going in and man am I having a blast!

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oh yeah, best pirate game I have played in decades or ever really. Sure there is a grind if you are trying to get the top tier gear but what game doesn’t make you do that?

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Exactly what I was thinking… a lot of haters on this game, but what I found out is a lot of those first reviews, they didn’t even get to the end game ‘Helm’ activities before they did their review lol.

Anyone that plays feel free to add me on ubisoft, my UBI tag is bedrock1977 . Both my wife and I play and are really enjoying it between our Division 2 sessions :slight_smile:

Yup, Three_Moons on PSN. I hope that if they roll out factions/guild stuff that we do something.

The Helm stuff is pretty much a grind and the only thing it really adds is a shipping management mini-game of sorts but you only have one ship. I did get all the manufactoriums in beginning area and have most in the Indies area now but only do Legendary Heists as they give you those precision drill bits and torsion springs, both needed for high end gear. Also it seems that just building up the two factories just south of Sainte Anne in their own region which gets 30% increase is the way to go for maximum PoEights. I have them at lvl 7 and 8 currently and I think if you feed it cane/poppy or whatever instead of paying then the multipliers really kick in but I just noticed that at lvl 8 you get a 500% increase and at lvl 7 it is 450% increase when suppling the raw materials so I am guessing at lvl 10 it is 600%.
One trick I learned last night was instead of buying the mats from the roving helm merchants, blow them up and take it. I get over 500 mats for free basically, which in turn I am going to use to feed my 2 factories once they finish with their current runs that I paid to start. The lvl 8 is over a day to run and it cost me about 38k to start it. 1 wish I noticed the multiplier earlier or at least recognized that it increased as you go up in factory levels. Also there are some nice bonuses in the upgrades section which I hadn’t really done anything with till now.

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I’m liking the game, feel free to friend me on PS5 Three_Moons.

Skull and Bones has been a blast! Customizing my ship and exploring the ocean has been so much fun. But, it can get a bit repetitive sometimes. Still, I keep coming back for more adventures on the high seas