Simple fix to temple/dock problem Horde side

Bind at the inn near the dock. Then you can hearth straight there.

When you want to go straight to the temple, use any device that can get you to Orgrimar, then use the portal hub to go to the temple. For instance a tier 3 garrison in Warlords will give you a portal to Warspear, and then to Orgrimar, and you can use the stones from your garrison and shipyard to go to the temple. Or you can use your Draenor stone to go Draenor, then through the Orgrimar port there to the hub. Or you can use the guild cloak with the port to Orgrimar. There are many ways to access that portal hub, and you will find the real restriction is your bind to the docks.

Or… you can just walk out the Spirits Be With You inn’s door and get on the FP. If you choose Pa’ku, you can use the totems to get to the crafting area and the top of the temple. :grin:

Was on my Demon Hunter, and glide really opens things up. So many high places. I jumped from King down to the run speed buff.
Eventually you get an upgrade to have the mission table in the temple.