Significant quality of life improvements for patch 13

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Man I am feeling an urge to get back into some Fallout 76 action. Guess it’s time to uninstall something I am not playing right now to make room for Fallout 76 again.

I’ve been playing again. It’s still really enjoyable.

I play every night …join us ! Im usually on Discord also.

Still playing !

He still plays also.

Major also plays still. I’m still playing. Not every day, bit every week. Major beats me up and takes my caps. I need help. Save me! This post apocalyptic world has no teachers on duty at recess!

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Hola peeps, Checking if this game is still worth getting . I held back due to the controversy surrounding the game, but have always had an interest in it. Just wondering on a scale of 1-10 how buggy is it.

Most days the game is stable. Other days especially patch days…not so much.