Show yourselves fellow Dota 2 Players

Hi there,

I’ve been playing Dota since around late 2013 early 2014 I’d say. I was in the professional scene for a few months as a stand in for Wheel, I played TI5 Qualifiers, Battle For America, and a few other small tournaments. I was never officially apart of a roster. My tag Relic (with some funky letters)

I got into Dota from a friend who recommended it, I played played and played and put in thousands of hours. I don’t play Dota much anymore, mainly for fun these days.

I would love to hear your experiences such as when you started playing, rank, position you play, hours you’ve played, etc.
Feel free to ask any questions as well!


I was gifted the beta of DOTA2 from a friend who bailed on it, which is kinda funny.

DOTA was mostly kind to me, but sadly I’m a 2k-3k player because I don’t play the game enough - my 2700 hours in dota are not enough to be considered mechanically proficient.

I play support mostly, but I thrived in the position 1/4/5 slots after making some adjustments. I’ve played since beta, and now I only really play twice a year.

TI9 might be really lame this year, so I’m not sure if I’ll have the energy to dedicate to DOTA in the same way. DOTA is in bad need of cleaning up and renewal in terms of playerbase and matchmaking. It’s also possible it’s just not fun, anymore, despite being interesting enough and has always improved over time.

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