Should I move ships for LVL 2 agents?

Hi everyone, ok I completed my 5 agents LVL1 and now going to start doing LVL 2 Industry . I have like 12 ships in 2 different stations each , should I move them all to one location or leave as is ? Also if I stay in doing industry should I also be doing miming with it ? Right now I’m trying to see if EVE is a game for me I really have enjoyed playing so far ,very addictive . My big concern is I have been jumping from game to game lately and trying not to make anyone mad if I play hot and heavy then out of no where go to something else.

The best thing maybe is to see where your level 3 and 4 agents for your selected corporation are going to end up. Some trick you into having little to no stations nearby or in low sec. As far as having stuff everywhere … that’s kind of what happens in EVE. Moving things is difficult so many times I would just break as much down, sell it, and move 1 or 2 ships in a Badger for those early missions. By the time you can fly a freighter or whatever, you’ve got more stuff that logistically possible to move. That said. sell your shit, and go to Aghesi to be with the JKHO Corp and play with your Guildmates. Join the ‘OTG Public’ channel and say Hi.

You mean sell all my cool newbie stuff ? That sounds scary. But that maybe something I’ll need to do soon, that or take a week to move everything closer to Aghesi. I did notice that I was unable to search out JKHO Corp, said unable to locate corp.

Sorry, Just Keep Hanging On is the full name of the active corp.

Yes I have did a search on JKHO and it even will pop up Just Keep Hanging On . But then say unable to locate . I’ll try more when I head that direction .

We are in Aghesi and surrounding area. Charra has all levels of agents and a Story Line agent in system. Right now, most of us that are actively on usually mine. Send me a note if you want something moved, just as long as it is not in Minmatar or Gallente Space. Both those Empires really hate me.

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Thanks , however I am Gallente . I’m in the middle of moving the ships and a couple odd’s and end’s I want . Rest just going to leave where it is at least for now. Sold what I could . Moving to Aghesi station which will be my home base after done.