Should I get Summerset on sale?

Hi all,

I see Summerset is on sale but I haven’t finished Morrowind or the main quest. Is it worth buying right now as a newer player or wait until the next sale? The main reason I would get it is if there are some awesome low level quests or loot.

No idea about awesome. But I started a whole new character in Summerset from level 1 on, and it was fun.

Whether it’s worth it? I’m probably not the right person to judge that because I’m about as casual as they come :smiley:

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I am too - so if you’re having fun I may very well consider it.

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I don’t play hard core enough for loot. I just need enough gear to make it through the story lines. I enjoyed the stories quite a bit. The landscapes are really cool. There were a few mini bosses that took me enough tries to beat that when I finally did, I jumped up and shouted …and my hubby laughed. Hey! They had a good whooping coming to them.

Hi Zapp
I also waited to buy Summerset because I wasn’t very far in the main quest line.
I finally got it on sale last fall and it is one of my favorite areas to play.
I have made a fortune selling recipes and loot.
I find the drops are better even in the low level quests and there are always enough people around to tackle to the geysers and group bosses.
The psijic quest line also gets you to travel throughout Tamriel, so it was a great way to multitask and pick up skyshards at the same time.

I strongly recommend it!

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