Should anyone decide to rejoin DDO after a long absence

Please see the following:

In summary, they are resetting passwords on old dormant accounts. Assuming you are still using the same e-mail account you had when you created your DDO account, it seems like a minor annoyance, or if you forgot your password anyway not an annoyance at all. If you have lost access to the e-mail associated with your account though, returning will be considerably tougher.

Good to know. I am still trying to figure out how to set up playing with others in the guild offline. I have not been playing much lately. Anyone interested in setting up a static quest running schedule I would be up for that. Not much on raiding since I am working on trying to get a toon to level 20. contact me if you are interested. I am in PST and am open to this. Tried once before but I failed due to life demands at the last minute. Normally run rogue and artificers

Hey there @ChiefG - I notice that you are not a full member of the guild… To become a full member, start here: Before You Apply… Things to Know

I am a little confused. I joined the guild over a year ago or so I thought. I am in the guild with one of my toons on Cannith. that toon is Chiefchodai and is listed in the old-school rejects guild as a member.

I am retired from the US Navy and turned 64 earlier this year. So if there is something I should be doing differently clue me in Please?

I have wound up doing a lot of solo runs mainly because I am trying to figure out quests and not run raids as the only thing to do. The raid thing seems to be the focus of most guilds even after the promotions that they are not doing that kind of thing.

Any suggestions would be helpful. I also use ChiefVisigoth on the DDO forums and on twitch.


You are not a full member here on the forums. You’ll want to get that done as all in-game members are supposed to be full members here. Click on that link above and follow the directions and we’ll get you straightened up ASAP! :grin:

I’m aiding in the hijacking of my own thread ,but whatever

You don’t have to worry about the focus on running raids here as the guild hasn’t run a raid in years since our numbers dropped. As it turns out 3 of us happened to land in the same PUG raid last night through pure coincidence. We acquitted ourselves well I might add, but won’t

In terms of joining with guildies, I’m in a static group, full at 6 people, 3 nights a week. Beyond that any guildies I encounter is coincidence. I can’t speak for anyone else.

Guild is on Ghallanda btw . I think at some point in the long ago past when one was hard limited to 5 characters per account per server someone might have created alternate versions of the guild on other servers.

If you are strongly invested in another server can’t recommend you spend the time/money/energy to relocate to ghallanda as I can’t promise you what awaits. Should you get here, we have a fully equipped airship, and if you need stuff, I’m sure many of us wouldn’t mind the opportunity to empty our attics and/or piggybanks.


I have started playing DDO though haven’t decided on what class yet . Though I am leaning towards Druid …. So who do I contact in game for a guild invite once I decide?

Before that though @Thoraks , you’ll want to become a full member here:

Here’s the place to start: Before You Apply… Things to Know
Submit an application here: OTG Application