Ship update (Via Boredgamer)

Was watching one of BoredGamer’s youtube vids and he mentions several ship updates, including the redeemer. He said he heard a rumor that they were doing a total redesign of the redeemer, possibly even making it a light carrier. Here is the link

Rumor to get clicks is about all that is.

The only thing they are doing is revising the redeemer and possibly changing the manufacturer.
They determined a few months back that it did not seem like an Aegis ship. So they mentioned that it is getting a rework to bring it in line with game metrics (it was never flyable so it had to be redone anyway) and during that rework they are going to determine if it might fit better under a different manufacturer.
It will remain a gunship.

Hope so. I bought it because a gunship fits into my nefarious plan MHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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(WARNING: Complete theorycrafting ahead)
Really, if you think about it, the Redeemer is a necessary ship in the line up.

Right now there are very few multi-crew gunship types in the game. The Valkyrie is one that could somewhat fall into this category. It is multi-crew and has lots of turret guns and room for crew to take on aggressors.

Other than that there is the Retaliator, which is traditionally a bomber but there are modules which take out the torps and replace them with troop transports or cargo or living quarters. So with all the turrets it has it could easily become a gunship. Only catch is that it is not very maneuverable and the pilot has no gun control. So it is not a great option but still an option.

I think it is highly likely that the Redeemer will grow in size. It was already very small for the amount of ship it was containing. It is a double twin turret ship with small troop transport space and significant pilot guns. And it was designed to be maneuverable. At least better than most ships in its size and/or role. So I expect it will lose some of that maneuverability as it grows in size. But I do not see any reason they would change it from a gunship. And there has been zero chatter about that in any official channels or anywhere in ETF chats or with any of the devs I have spoken with in the past 3-6 months. Not to make it sound like I talk to devs often, but there are a couple that I have contact with regularly.

So I would say unless you hear something on the RSI site telling you that it has changed, it isn’t changing.

I dumped it long ago, never really liked it. One of the few I don’t have…

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I had a Redeemer for awhile, but it became a Mercury Star Runner I think.

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Good news for the Valkyrie owners. CIG has officially agreed to put in a basic cargo grid in the space for the vehicle bay. This change will also apply to other ships with similar arrangements;

That’s what I heard too. That’s both good and bad. Gonna make some of the other multi-purpose ships less attractive.

Not so much I think

The Valk cannot stack cargo, so it wont be autoloading anything from kiosks. You can use it to haul what you can put in it by hand. Not that attractive for anyone hauling cargo at all.

You know, something has been bothering me for awhile. If there is permadeath, then why are there so many dedicated combat ships ingame? Seriously, the focus so far this year has been ground assault and those types of ships. I know the real driving force behind SC has been the development for SQ 42. But still Fighter only craft seem to outnumber all others.

I think the perma-death thing needs to be re-visited. Though CIG haven’t said anything on this I’m pretty sure that some changes will need to be made. I suspect that they aren’t saying anything until they have a better idea on how to manage this. Combat is integral to Chris Robert’s vision of the game and it is unclear to me if pvp is even avoidable. Have to wait and see.

PvP is not avoidable. It is something you can choose to encounter less if the slider still exists, but as of last CitizenCon I have my doubts it still is even part of the plan.

But to the point of Combat ships, there are more than just combat ships in the game. The things is, even explorers and ambulances and cargo haulers need to be able to fight to some degree. Think of every ship as a military vessel. All of them will have some guns, but not all will be fighters.

The Cutlass Red has guns, but it is an ambulance. The 315p has guns but it is an explorer. The Prospector has guns but it is a miner. And none of those would be your first choice to bring in to combat.

So I think there are tons of “non-fighter” ships in the game, it is just that even the ships that are not designed to be fighters still need to be able to fight.