Ship Purchases - Holiday Sale vs Grey Market

Topic title says it all. Just looking for some perspective/opinions on adding more ships via the holiday sale this year versus buying off the grey market. I’m not going to spend a huge amount, but I’ll be browsing ships that look interesting and have LTI available.

Always start with CIG sales.
Some here will tell you they are against Grey Market, but I have used it for large and small purchases and if you do it smart it is actually cheaper in many instances than buying from CIG.

Here is what smart looks like.
First, only buy from established sellers. Each seller has a rating to show how many sales they have done. Look for those with sales in the hundreds or even thousands.
Make sure you are getting what you want. Some people are particular about buying original concept versions of ships instead of CCU ships. In the end there is little difference between the two other than the additional bits you get like the in game ship model and poster.
Check for LTI and determine if that is worth the price. Some sellers put LTI as a premium charge and others do not.

Ultimately just pay attention to what you are buying and who you are buying it from.

There is no real reason not to buy from the grey market but I tend to wait for the sales when we are already this close.