Ship Customization comes to SC

It is on the PTU now and soon to be live, patch 3.5.1 contains your first look at customization for ship owners.

So what does this look like? What does it include?
Well not as much as you might think, and then lots more than you might have expected.

With this initial role out the customization is only available to the 300 series. So if you buy a new 300 or if you already own one, you get a nifty little option to customize the ship.

Clicking the customize button opens the new application which looks a LOT like something you would see at the Chevy or Ford site if you were buying a car. As you click paint options, interior color options or type of material to cover your seats the images change to reflect your choices.

You can even change the weapon and component load out based on some predefined option sets.

And then at the end you can pay for it with $$$ but supposedly in live you will have the option to use UEC as well.

All in all it is a nice feature and I look forward to it fleshing out in the future.

With It being an Aegis ship I’m quite certain that they want to limit the cosmetic aspects of the ships they will have, after all they have to keep the elegance they have in their designs. After market cosmetics will always change that of course and I’d imagine that Aegis wouldn’t care much after the sale anyways.

Glad that they are actually looking at providing customization options. Pretty sure that a popular one will be the option (hopefully) to allow ship owners to apply their guild insignia’s onto their ships.

They have talked about this in the past, though only as a footnote. The response was the typical “too soon to tell but we would like to do this type of thing”

I expect they will eventually allow us custom decals that we can create and then allow us to put those on our ships as part of the Organizations system. But time will tell.

I got that email stating I had a “complimentary” configuration with my 300 series ships. Looks like I’ve been out too long as I got the 10002 error when attempting to connect. Looks like the fix is a purge and total re-install. So… downloading, got a couple of accepted Friend Requests in from some of you.
[still downloading…]

Fresh download fixed my connection problems. But looks like I need a tutorial on how to customize the ship. Can’t find an interface to do that anywhere. Mobiglass, in the hangar, at a station, or on land. I cannot customize, Sam I am.