Shard/Seal/Scroll Replacement

I literally have not been in Saltmarsh nor upgraded anything yet, so take this with a grain of salt. Also there have been various comments that recipe X isn’t in/working yet, so if you don’t see your item yet, give it a week.

Saltmarsh is new S/S/S and is the same system as chronoscope, Von, House P/D, Red Fens, and Web of Chaos (aka LOD arc). You get the base item, be it lvl 3 or lvl 5, etc. and then have to upgrade it to a lvl 20 version thereof. The ingredients to upgrade can be found in the various quests. Additionally if you have 10 years of S/S/S sitting in green ingredient bags you can turn them in for a nice collection of starting ingredients. The Raid stuff is and remains BTC, the other stuff BTA. You can also then upgrade all of the above to L29 Legendary equivalents which I believe is done in Saltmarsh with ingredients only found there.

In the 12 all a few steps from each other you have:
Legacy Altar of Epic Rituals - We can also add to ship if desired. Used for turning an old completed S/S/S item to the new equivalent. It destroys the original item, so pop out any augments first if applicable. Requires 50 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments to work. If your item is an Exclusive there is some weirdness where it turns into some token (baggable) which then you can put it thru the altar a second time to get your item. I don’t quite get it, but if your item seems to disappear, check your bag for something weird at the bottom.
Lahar - Looks like a lava elemental. Can turn in your old S/S/S ingredients for new ones. On a quick test for Shard/Seal/Scroll you get 12/6/3 of the corresponding ingredients.
Altar of Epic Rituals - Base non-raid item, + 50 arc specific ingredients turns into the L20 version. Raid items also requires 5 Greater Tokens. You can view all the recipes here and so can see all the items even before they make it onto the Wiki.

To give folks some idea this is what I’ve seen so far:

  1. 4 Epic Chronoscopes - All the chests / end rewards that used to drop/offer L5 named items still do so, and the main end chest dropped a Greater token. Additionally, for each of the mini-bosses (bloodplate & one-arm?) chests I got 1-4 Slivers of Time. The extra Optional chests at the end dropped 45 Chronoscope runes. the final chest dropped 5-10 Slivers. Base items seemed slightly different, I didn’t hold the two up next to each other to compare, but certainly ballpark to what they were. The one exception was the Gem of Many Facets trinket, which is weirder. You’ll have to see it.
  2. 2 DQs. Standard 1 Greater Token in final chest. On one char got 4 Desert ingredients and the other zilch. No Runes which was very disappointing. I don’t think this is WAI, but I don’t know that. Added 8/10: I did another run as part of a group. About a third of the party got 100 runes each.

Added 8/11 - I was originally planning to keep posting what kind of runes/ ingredients I was finding. Based on some recent Dev posts I’m not. They report 1) a known glitch with runes in DQ 2) the patch work did not fix the Web of Chaos recipe problems 3) ingredients are low across the board outside of Saltmarsh. They may be upping amounts in the end chest and/or adding drops in intermediate chests. Their goal is a comparable drop rate to Saltmarsh, which they didn’t specifically define.

Added 8/17 - Notes from the 50.2 patch to be released 8/18:

  • Zawabi’s Revenge now consistently drops Sands Runes when completed.
  • Zawabi’s Revenge now drops the correct number of Sands Runes for each difficulty.
  • Epic Elite Zawabi’s Revenge has had its chance at named items raised to be consistent with most other Epic Elite content.
  • Fixed an issue where some obsolete ingredients continued to drop in certain quests and difficulties.
  • We have significantly increased the number of Pack ingredients that drop in chests in Phiarlan Carnival, The Sands of Menectarun, Sentinels of Stormreach, The Chronoscope, The Red Fens, The Vault of Night, and The Web of Chaos quests. While some optional chests can continue to be able to drop these ingredients (no changes have been made to drop location), end chests remain the primary source for these ingredients.
  • Epic Devil Assault now drops Fractured Slivers of Time, at levels lower than other quests due to there being more eligible chests in this raid.