Server Transfer

Well it seems i’ll have to put a hold on the server swap as I thought maybe it be free. But if we still have an active guild in the game I can always start a new character. The highest I have is level 14. :slight_smile:

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Also the server mentioned in the charter post isn’t there anymore, can anyone tell me which is the OTG server if any now?

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Was Lilith, now Maramaa, but transferring is pretty much impossible. Last I heard on Discord, we are probably moving again but we’ll find out more at the end of the month. I would stay put for now. Getting into the servers and getting the new mounts quest has been almost impossible for the last week or so; I guess we have to sit tight while Amazon gets its act together.

I’m currently on the same server but my one character is only 14 so I can restart whenever. LoL

And our original “not fresh start” server got merged into Maramaa, so there’s that clusterF also. Bottom line is both servers are ridiculously crowded right now.

NW_Delakron — Yesterday at 8:37 PM
Free World Transfers - Limited Time Test
To enhance the user experience on congested worlds, we’re conducting a limited-time test of a new in-game function. It allows users to initiate a free World Transfer directly from the Character Selection screen during peak queue times. Simply select the “options” button near your desired character to initiate the transfer. Please note that standard transfer limitations apply, such as that transfers can only be made to non-Full/Fresh Start worlds in your existing region (no cross-region transfers).

Test Details:
‣ Region: US East
‣ Test Window: 10/13 (today) @ 6pm - 9pm PDT

We encourage all interested US East players to participate during this test while we monitor back-end service performance and its impact on the in-game economy. Based on results, the test may conclude early or be paused.

Upon “official” release, this feature will be made temporarily available only when queue times are high, such as after major updates or expansions. Coinciding with its activation (including this test), paid World Transfers will be made temporarily unavailable in the In-Game Store for all regions and will return upon deactivation of the feature (including the conclusion of today’s test). For full details on transfer restrictions and limitations, check our Support FAQ: Server Transfers - Support | Amazon Games
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Server Transfers - Support | Amazon Games
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Is the guild going to be changing servers? I was going to come back and try the game but the server is locked

Per some stuff from Discord, guild is waiting until the end of the month to see what to do RE the croweded/locked servers, etc.