Server list in Discord

I have a general suggestion for the Discord. There should be a sticky post in the Announcements section of Discord that lists all the Official Servers for OTG in all games. This way people have a one-stop location for all servers we are on for all games.

Thanks @lucky ! Does anyone have any stories about this information being easy or hard to find in your personal experience? Or other thoughts?


would take some time for Game Development and General Games to populate the list and maintenance could be an issue. Featured Games’ servers seldom change and most just have 1 or 2 to populate.

I think ‘personal’ non-official servers can just stay where they are in their own channels, since they’re generally not even OTG servers (for OTG members with OTG rules) for instance.

Those are the worst for maintenance… (I know… I run a lot of them, and I always forget to update our Steam groups page…)

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My thought for this suggestions is that one pf the biggest questions I see for new games and members moving to a game is, “What server are we on?”

I figure a place where this information is could save some frustration.

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