Server Launch Times and Details!

Here they are!


I’m east coast, but if player names or anything is global, this puts west coast at a disadvantage. All I can assume is things like that are region based.

Towelliee, this morning, was saying that, “If I’m west coast and have 100 ping to east, I’m gonna roll on east coast.”
If this is the general consensus, then east server loads will be negatively impacted, possibly to a great degree.

I’m still a bit mystified by this timing.

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If there’s one thing we’ve all learned in the years of gaming, it’s that server issues are bound to happen. I’m curious why Amazon Games went with a global database for naming conventions?

not enough mmo experience

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8am EST for eastern servers

Yeah, this is discussed elsewhere but as far as the Vinespun weapon skins,
I’ll be running Sequisha’s stream on my other PC. Then switch to Smashley (and down the line), till I get the skins I want. That’s assuming they have spread all available skins among the 66 streamers.

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2 am est Sept 28 for EU so we should lock our name then. wont steam have us locked out until the correct time for our region?

maybe, i need to change my region then.

You can create a character on the EU servers at 11pm PST Monday night, you don’t have to actually enter the server just create a character. Then when your server is up you delete the character and the name is saved to your account so you have your name.

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Asleep Gaming NW

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Is there a need to VPN to an EU IP in order to do this?

No Amazon has said this is the best way to make sure you get your name.

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That’s a good question. But as Molarean said, they’re telling us to do it so I doubt it. Hrm…

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