Seems MS is eyeing purchase of Discord

Maybe Microsoft will fix all the nagging issues with Discord. Heh. Yeah… :smiley:

Nope they will charge a monthly fee for users.

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And add so many unnecessary features that we all move on to another solution.

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Well, if they decide to charge users of this product, you won’t see me logging into it. I just don’t see a point for all users to pay for a service that is provided to the guild, albeit for a small fee. But if they increase that cost exponentially based on users, will be horrible.

I don’t mind donating to the guild for whatever services we all use. That is fair, but if a company decides to gouge the cost, I feel that is poor business practice.

Discord did just fine adding a ton of useless features when MS wasn’t involved :smiley:


That’s probably why MS is so interested in it. :smiley:

Skype 2.0 ™

You do know that Discord is currently completely free, right? The guild doesn’t pay anything for it.

Oh that’s nice to know. Here I was thinking we donated to help pay for the things the guild needed including Discord.

Discord just happens to not be one of those things. Yay for free!

It does worry me that M$ is buying it. :face_vomiting:

Interesting article about Discord in general, and one, uninformative comment about Microsoft.