Security Key contains adware?

I recently got a smart phone for the first time in my life. I recently started playing SWTOR again and my old security key fob no longer works. I installed the SWTOR security key app on my phone. Now I get ads when I unlock my phone: Top News, Hose Jokes, and Yeehie News (or something like that). Does anyone else use the security key? If you do, do you get adware from it? Is this a known issue?

Am I right that they removed the 100/mo CC grant for using a security key?

It is probably the phone. New phones these days come with ads depending on what the brand is. I never got ads on my old Galaxy s8 but my s21 i get them all the time. No added apps.

You should probably look on Google for how to uninstall/disable/delete the enormous pile of garbage every phone gets pre-installed. Seeing as how you were able to install the security app, you at least don’t have one of those “Phones on a plan” that are so prevalent in the US that don’t allow you to do anything at all.

My Samsung comes with a load of crap as well, which I spend a few hours all disabling or removing :smiley: