Section 31 ship. How can I obtain one?

Well I spent all my zen coins trying to open research and development boxes. I never got the section 31 ship… then today I bought more zen coins and opened a lot of duty officer packs… still nothing…

My question is can I sell these boxes or parts of them for enough credits to buy the ship from the exchange? Cheapest one I see is 490 million. I have 0. Some of the packs I have sell for 500k and in 7 days I can sell duty officers.

Should I open the officer packs or sell closed? Is it hard to make that kind of money?

I also have 830 or 860 Lobi crystals. Will the section 31 ship ever be added to that? Should I try to get 900 Lobi and buy it with those?

I’m really new to the game and don’t know the markets or what’s worth what.

Any help would be appreciated…

Thanks, Wembley. In game name is Neelex@NoPhate

That sounds about right on the gambling. Try to open them once you see someone get a grand prize it kinda boosts your odds though its not a set rule. If duty officer packs it depends, If you horded Delta Alliance Packs then yes because you might get blue or better yet purple Energy Weapons Officers which increase CrtD and CrtX those are sought after and can go up to 100+ million but I suggest keeping 1 or two for yourself still the odds of getting those are low. As far as the ship goes it is a toss up for me. It looks good has a decent boff layout and the “free” pets are kinda cool don’ like hull going down but eh they are trying new things. Turn rate is not the best but can still use cannons and has a good enough universal boff slots with decent console layout. It would have been an awesome ship if it was a Commander Engineer with a Temporal Officer slot instead of command that could have opened alot of options for me (chronometric field inversion + gw = win). Still it is new but it is priced at 500 mil average which is low (yes I know its alot but it is still priced low but compare it to the Tzen-Tarr to this day its been over a year iirc and it is still priced over 1 billion). If you are playing the exchange market for money monitor the ships which has the highest utility. The Tzen is just an OP ship plain and simple (the reason you don’t see many is because it doesn’t look nice), the miracle worker carrier has gone down in price due to it being offered in the legendary bundle what sucks is the legendary version is missing the universal console slot (12 slot). You will make money if you choose the Vaadwuar Miracle Worker Juggernaut as that is also highly prized but suffers the “ugl;y” trait as the Tzen-tar minus the hanger pet bays. When in doubt post here before you select a ship if you want to know what is selling or not. Despite the high price people do buy these ships off the exchange. Going back to your question if you are not looking for a certain doff then yes sell the boxes because last I checked they are running for 16-20 million each so if you have 100 thats 1.6-2 billion if you sell everything giving you enough money to buy what you want. Remember I am talking about the box with the chance for the ship selection. If you have already opened the box and only have the doff cards then probably not.