Season of Discovery?

Does OTG plan to have a guild for Season of Discovery? (Horde or Alliance, doesn’t matter much to me) I have not seen too much discussion via forums or discord. Though I may have missed it.

They started a poll here about it…

Thanks. I replied to the poll yesterday.

Our Sinners and Saints group will definitely be checking this out. I am all over a Warlock tank!

What is that group?

A static group I have been running across multiple games in and out of OTG since 2005.

WoW, Rift, SWTOR, and such.

Very nice. Maybe I can fill in or participate some day.

Thanks for the interest! Once SoD comes out and things get settled in, we’ll advertise for any raid slots we are looking to fill.

We will be doing a progression, static group, so folks who are part of the group will need to commit to the schedule. Again, more info will be posted once we get things lined out. :cowboy_hat_face:

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nice! I hope it all works out. Thats the kind of thing I would be looking for. Hopefully the schedule works out. And I’m playing the right class, though I imagine i’ll level multiple since its only lvl 25 as the cap.

Well, you and I can certainly talk more about the potential later. Our group is not seriously looking to get the static group built until the beginning of January because a few of us are still playing ESO through the end of December.

That said, I know we will likely be looking for a few slots to fill in various roles. We can stay in touch, and I will post more once we get closer to sorting things out. I am sure (at least I am assuming there will be based on history) there will be a few static raid groups that will form for SoD like they did for Classic and Retail. :cowboy_hat_face:

I can always be reached via DM in Discord via the same forum name, EvilPeppard. Folks can usually find us in OTG Discord voice in the ESO channel during afternoons and evenings as well.

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I looked for you in Discord under the name ‘Ninefingers’ but I didn’t see you online. Hit me up in a DM (Discord name EvilPeppard) and I will share some of our initial details. We can have a discussion and see where it goes.

Thanks, and talk soon.