Season 3 is going to be tough at the start

Item Level Increase in Season 3

On the Patch 10.2 PTR, the item level increase of +39 item levels has been spotted on both the Raid and Mythic+ item levels. Blizzard has informed Wowhead of the correct Crafted Item Level which all indicates that the transition to Season 3 will be a larger +39 item levels, rather than the standard +26.

This means that players that:

  • Mythic Aberrus geared players, or players in 447 gear will have gear that drops at LFR Amirdrassil difficulty (rather than Normal Amirdrassil)

  • The difficulty and gearing progression should feel more like the start of the expansion (Pre-Season M0 to Season 1) rather Season 1 to Season 2.

There’s going to be a lot of gear to grind!


Here are the item levels of the Patch 10.2 raid, Amirdrassil: The Dream’s Hope.

Difficulty Amirdrassil
LFR 441-450
Normal 454-463
Heroic 467-476
Mythic 480-489

There is also speculation that our Season 2 Tier is going to be de-activated & certain Trinkets nerfed to make acquiring gear in Season 3 feel meaningful. Our ring from the Forbidden Reach wasn’t nerfed until late into the Season and people were not even replacing it. They do not want any gear to be better then what drops in the new raid.

Race to World First Guilds will be geared as if they just completed LFR, they might have to farm Normal for gear upgrades just to make a dent in their gear score to try out Heroic, let alone step foot in Mythic. Everyone was way to powerful in Season 2 and cleared the raids way too fast in Blizzards opinion.

We still do not know what base line catch up gear will be available in 10.2.

Just keep slowly increasing the ilvl of the toon you want to play in the next patch. We have plenty of time till the next season and can get ready for any other changes they throw our way.


Looks as though LFR will be the go-to in order to obtain anything close to what we’ll need just for normal raids. I did not see much info regarding upgrading that gear in the article. Trevain, did you see anything that covers that?

Not surprised about the sets being deactivated, since that is normal. But I’ll keep mine unless I get higher ilvl drops to replace them. Wonder if they will activate another set bonus?

Also it appears by what they are saying, alts are not going to get much love either.