Season 2 Recap

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My Summary:

107 Raid bosses defeated, 47 Heroic and 60 Normal
Closest wipe 0.01% on Heroic Kel’Thuzad
Took 73 days to complete Normal SOD
9/10 Heroic

Grouped with all 36 classes
540 Beast Master
474 Havoc DH
290 Frost Mage

Achieved 250 iLevel Week 12 (Sept 2021)
HOA - 50 Runs
SOA - 41 Runs
SD - 41 Runs
PF - 37 Runs
Mist - 37 Runs
TOP - 34 Runs
NW - 33 Runs
DOS - 29 Runs

Closest key in time: 00:00:01.1 +14 SOA
IO Score 2135
During Season 2 you pushed keys with 945 other characters! Your top 5: Mythic Buddies: Lejeune, Madness, Aaril and Kaydas
That’s over 7 days 8h 48m worth of Mythic+!
You’ve run 302 dungeons across all your characters this season.
Put another way, this is how long it would have taken to watch the entire

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

15.8 times.

Yikes! Maybe need to find another hobby lol.



Mine just said better luck next Season


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how did you get your recap to come out in text, I was going to share mine but it has all the graphics that go along with it

i wish it could tell you how many attempts you had at these damn Holiday mounts, I mean for real

I just copy/past some of the text and typed it out.

Well Blizz finally admitted the drop % was pathetic and will be addressing it.