Science and Engineers need not apply, OP Tactical ground build that Cryptic doesn't care to fix

As topic stated this is for tactical captains only. You need 5 modules to make this work.

Ambush (can get it anywhere)

Mudd’s Time Device (Discovery Reputaion)

Ball Lightning from Summer Event

Collective Will best way to buy from AH

Motivation also on AH though its gonna cost a bit IIRC was about 4 mil EC

Once collected rotation as follows:

  1. hit mudds time device

  2. spawn ball lightning

  3. use ambush

  4. use collective will

  5. hit motivation

Fire some shots after motivation best used with the herald staff since it bounces from enemy to enemy. How it works is while mudd is active once you cycle 3-5 it refreshes instantly letting you spam it. Essentially you are dealing 300% crit stealth, your ball lightnings are hitting at 200% and an extra 33.8% buff to all members (yes including the balls) and a heal on you when hit up to 950 but since you are spamming it it refreshes making you practically immortal. OP yeah it is and cryptic doesn’t want to fix it so enjoy owning ground stuff.Caveat is that everything will hate you but since you will down them in like 2-3 cycles it won’t matter. Field tested Bug Hunt on advanced and broodmother was downed in 2 cycles so about 4-6 seconds. Cannot test it on elite since getting a pug would take forever and a day to spawn.