Sandworn Relics are now BOA

Sandworn Relics were Hotfixed and are now BOA.

Originally this was to happen next Tuesday with the Launch of Season 4.

This is one of the only ways to get Tier Gear from Casual playing outside of gear dropping from Antros the World Boss in the Zone.

If your like me, you have slowly stockpiled these over time and couldn’t help any of your alts get Tier Sets any quicker.

Mail them to your Alt today, along with a pouch of Cosmic Flux, to get your fresh off the boat lvl 60 a set of 246 ilvl gear. Take those over to the Creation Catalyst and presto you have a 4 piece Tier Set.

If you have already hit enlightened on your main, remember you can buy the Unity Memory from the Rep Vendor and craft your alt Unity on any available slot without having to slug thru the campaign.


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