Safari's Gaming Rig

I can not lay claim to that tax term. Smarter minds coined it. I just suffer from it. =P

I did think you might appreciate the kitty ear headphones. Glad you found some that will work for you. Sound quality, and comfort, does matter more then appearance. I prefer analog sound (3.5 mm plugs) over the more common digital audio (USB plug). Most affordable headsets use USB for easy use on computer, consoles, mobile devices. Also Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound software requires USB plug usage. I still like having a dedicated hardware sound processing device, but new technology has made software based sound the main stream option.

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Do you remember my character in Neverwinter: Dungeons & Dragons is wearing a set of the kitty ears that we earned from the Halloween event? I think you finally or wandering free crafted aspects of my toons awesome outfit.

The ASUS ROG PNK headset has both types of connections. USB and 3.5mm head phone jack. I thought that’s what I read.

Hugs from Safari
Doc appointment tomorrow morning am off to bed now.

Okay so my old pc has decided it hates me and has cracked the shits. It won’t start up. It probably died of a broken heart with abandonment issues. Or that freaking scorching heatwave fried its brainbox.

It’s at the PC health retreat getting a new hard drive and hopefully it will enjoy it’s days at the spa. It might even forgive me for leaving it in a closed area without the windows open during Summer (I’m nothing like those parents who leave their kids in the car while they are at the casino gambling away their food budget). I was at least at home sweltering right along with it.

Here’s hoping it has not suffered total amnesia and will give up withholding the precious data stored within. Or it just might meet the wrong end of a sledgehammer.

Can you believe it had the audacity to flash me with its pretty blue lights that used to match Razer Black Widow I? Maybe it was protesting the uncoordinated Black Widow II’s ghastly green illuminations. Who knows?

Sooooooooooo that means still no gaming or discord yet. But we really need to finalize the specs of my new rig so that I can order it. We really have to ensure the new system can handle the heat in my corner of the world. So cooling systems of utmost importance.

Fingers crossed Ole PC senior has not suffered a complete system meltdown or poor Husband won’t be getting my cast offs. Oops I mean Hand-me-downs, no I mean much pre-loved dear once faithful friend that does NOT bare grudges of neglectful ownership.

@Senzoba was not me that someone saw pop into discord. Trust me you will know when I finally do get in there. The hair on the back of your neck will rise as you sense a shift in the dynamics. As others realize what’s happening there may be a mass exodus, there may be some stampede like behaviour as people fear the worse and rush out the door to flee the oncoming disaster that they can feel heading towards them. There might be a rush of AFK’s. You might see a flood of pings as most flock to find the self deafen mode (if discord supports those features). So much to learn. Either way you will be able to tell it’s happening by the behaviour of those around you. Bit like the way wildlife behave before the oncoming storm.

@Alphea @Duvago @JGP would love to talk to you about finalizing the build pretty please with cherries on top and chocolate sprinkles
BIG Cheesy Grin It needs to compliment the ASUS ROG bits I’m getting. The budget is completely up the Wahzoo. Will have to keep the PC cost to under $4000.

JGP I loved how you put the builds together at PLE, from that I can just click add to cart. I’d like lyns video card. Duvago’s motherboard. Needs lots of Light Bling with the ability to change colour according to temperature. Oh and I think the I5 will be good enough for me. And definitely not the Comet Lake range. Coffee Lake will be fine too. I’m don’t really want multiple hard drives. Only games, and I only need room for SWTOR, WOW, DCUO, RIFT and ESO. Maybe a couple of others in the future. So one SSD drive is plenty. I’d like to fill all 3 RAM slots(do they still put 3?). This is my very very very last PC ever, so we must get it perfect with both brains and bling. Emphasis on the BLING.

Can we just type the name of the components directly into a reply so we don’t have to divert off by clicking outside this page. Then once all individual bits and bling are decided then we, as in JGP, can put the custom build into PLE and then we can okay it and I can just click add to cart and pay?

I will post a picture of a prebuild, so I can show you roughly what I want the end result to look like. For the bling factor.

I will not apologize for the wall of text, because you know me and if you can’t handle an excessive amount of chatter, then you shouldn’t be reading my posts because they would be a danger to your mental well being. :grin:

Oh one more thing @revzman You haven’t checked in for a while, I need to know you are okay. I posted something special for you in star wars section so stop staring at your wife’s ass and pay attention RatBag.

Here are two build lists with the specs you listed. Both have lots of white/silver and RGB lighting. Should match the keyboard/mouse/headset theme as much as possible. I made sure to add in custom white power cables, and a RGB lighting kit for extra blinky flashy. Memory should be paired, 2 sticks or 4 sticks, to perform best. 2 x 8GB kit is -plenty for most gaming usage. I could not find a 4 x 4GB kit in white with RGB listed on PLE. A single Samsung QVO 2TB SSD for OS and storage should be fast, and hold 10 to 15 current title games with ease. The Corsair case and AIO cooling should do well for cooling, but a warm room is hard for any cooling to overcome.

This first build is with the 10th Gen I5 10600K 4.1 GHz 6 core 12 Thread processor.

The second build is with the 9th Gen I5 9600K 3.7GHz 6 core 6 Thread processor.

So I would suggest the 10th Gen I5 10600K over the 9th Gen I5 9600K. The price difference is rough $175, but performance is more on the 10th Gen I5 10600K side. Both have 6 cores, but the I5 10600K has higher potential speed while also doing double the workload. I learned the hard way about the importance of cores, threads, and speed. The newer CPU will give you the longer life span, and the “early adopter” tax is not so bad in this area.

I used ASUS parts since you wanted the ASUS keyboard/mouse/headset, and Corsair parts to make the RGB and iCue use easy. Cosair iCue and ASUS AURA RGB software should sync colors for you. The changing light based on temp is iCue software based if I read information correctly. I use a monitoring software that shows numbers in the lower right corner of my screen.

Hopefully this give you a good starting point.

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The 10th gen will take a long time to get to me because the stock is on back order. Really don’t want 10th gen, if necessary the go with i7.

I was wondering about water cooling. Maybe that would be better for my climate. Not just CPU liquid cooling but the entire system. Ple are specialists in this. What are your thoughts JGP?

Edit additions
I’m going to put the link to my fave PC look
Fave Look pre-built link
Shame it’s all AMD equipment. I would love my PC to look like this with my equipment though and Pink/Blue them. They have blue cabling and it’s cheaper too. The box to be white version though or silver if no white and all the black inside would rather white or blue. I do love the pink lights & green cabling on black but that would all clash with my accessories.

So would love this look if possible with blue not the green. They do have loads of white innards options.

The other thing check out this PC I like it too obviously want pink blue instead of blue green.

The watercooled PC I like the look of

And this one is just to show you the white innards
White innards

Obviously I am not going to get that it’s nearly 10k in price LoL

@JGP I edited the post then edited again to tag you

Safari, you might want to consider putting in a window AC unit nearest the spot where your rig will sit. I made sure my behemoth sat all by itself on a low sturdy table (was my grandfather’s old side table where he use to sit most days) and its out in the middle of the room where I have my own game table and monitor setup…so plenty of air circulation.

But I remember someone said some years ago that they had to put their gaming setup into a spare bedroom and it was horribly hot, so they fixed that by installing a window AC unit in the window next to where his setup was. That fixed his cooling problem in such a small room. Besides, he was only paying for AC in one room for his gaming rather than the entire apartment for that one room’s needs. Made sense to me.

Good luck kiddo… :grin:

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That’s a great idea Lyn, it’ll keep me slightly saner during our next summer too.

My library put plastic film over their hardback books to protect them, different to the contact adhesive film they use on paperbacks. Well during the scorching December heatwave, the stack of library books that I had piled on the floor like a tower, the book on the bottom of the stack, it’s cover kind of melted and bubbled up.

You know I didn’t think the computer was at any risk because it deals with extreme heat from the running of the hardware anyway. But I think a portable AC for the room is going to be essential before next summer starts. We are almost into Winter, that starts June 1st officially.

Water cooling is an option, and I have had a water cooling loop in my system. It is great… until it LEAKS. Mine leaked from a fitting on my water cooled video card. I only lost the video card, but only trust AIO (All In One) closed loop systems now. Custom water cooling loops are expensive to set up. They require periodic service such as being flushed, cleaned, and having parts replaced to limit leaks. If you are planning to have extreme overclocking done then custom water cooling is suggested. Otherwise AIO, or air cooled, is the best option. I used to enjoy pulling my system apart to clean, tinker, and see if it would run better. Now I just want to know it works well, and not stress/swear at it much.

Final attempts here. An I5 9600K with more BLING, and an I7 9700K with less BLING. Both are quite good gaming systems. Both have the Corsair case you linked, but this is a white version. Extra LED case lights, and RBG fan added.

i5 9600K with NVME OS drive, SSD Game/Storage drive, Purple/White/Black custom power cables

i7 9700K with SSD OS/Game/Storage drive, White power cables included with Corsair power supply


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YaY my old PC is back from her Spa trip sporting a new SSD. Old HDD is caput, but data was retrievable oh thank goodness. But now I have an absolute clean slate to work with and Windows 10 as well. Golly gosh. Do I have some work ahead of me. It is worth doing twice because if I don’t get it set up ready to play, the husband will never get round to it. So it’s better to have SWTOR pre installed.

This means getting into Discord is one step closer. I hope we can figure out how to type to the channel. According to Hashberry the feature should exist.

Senzo and I both requested they put the old chatroom back and we were told we can do the same with Discord.

He will just have a bonus extra game or two installed.

Well seems it pays to be a slow ass procrastinating malingerer.

EB Games are having a sale OMG my coveted Pink gaming accessories have all gone on sale. Big savings too wOOt.

So Happy YaY


This is the finalized build including my accessories.

Safari’s Gaming Rig Complete

The end price on part picker is not valid because I got everything from Scorptec Computers. Except my pink accessories which I bought from EB Games Australia when they were on sale. My Original $3000au budget blew out to $5987.95 holy guacamole. (+$37 I just added an external DVD Drive so I can watch some of my fave DVD’s on this kick ass system) New total $6024.95. OOOO I like that number it is poignant for me :smiley:

Thank you to @lynspottery @Duvago @JGP for all your advice.

Hugs from Safari
(Edit: added in new total)


It has arrived. My new rig is here in my house. Now I just have to wait til tomorrow morning for the hired muscle to arrive and unpack it. The cats have given it their approval.

They just want the empty boxes to sit in :stuck_out_tongue:

The easiest way to unpack is to unseal the bottom of the box fold flaps out the way and lift the box off rather than trying to lift the contents out the box.


Logically that sounds strange. How am I meant to get underneath the box to cut open the seals and fold them out all without lifting it?

The cats have plenty of empty boxes. They have at least 2-3 new box caves a week?

I’ve just emptied the carton of coke bottles too.

They use the cardboard to sharpen their claws too. When they get flakey they go in the recycling bin.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


The cats? oh my, they will find lots to have fun with there. :grin:

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You don’t need to lift the box just tip it to 45 degrees lean it on a wall or sofa, cut the tape and fold the flaps out the way . Lower it back down and lift the box off the item . i tried to find a video of someone doing it but failed , once you get it you will wonder why you didn’t always do it that way.

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Hey, maybe you can get Henry Cavill to help you build it. :slight_smile:


That was really funny @Meeks.

Although laughing at the moment is painful. It was good for the soul.

Watching the Witcher build his own computer sorta messed with my vision of what the Witcher was capable of. lol :grin:

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