Rust game servers - Host by an OTG member

Hello, fellow OTGers! I just wanted to invite you all to come by the RUST servers I host for those you that might play it from time to time.


|US|UnitedWeRust|x3| New Player Friendly



Are you still running those server. I tried to connect and it say requires server update. Just started play about a week ago.

I let them go seeing no one ever played on them. Happy to join up and play some with you though.

What server you guys on?

Have been on Rusty los alamos x3 for a bit. But we go wipe by wipe to try different ones. I’m working this weekend but Monday night we can meet up and play some if you want.

I’m unavailable for a week. Try to get on after that. There were three players with your steam name.

These are the three rust servers I am running:

FunTown x 2 |Solo|Duo|Trio|Quad| Monthly Wipe

FunTown x100 | 2Wk Wipe | Custom Maps

FunTown x1000000 Million



I picked up Rust in the winter sale. still running these servers?

Rust player here. Wondering the same thing.

If you aren’t running your servers anymore and anybody wants to play on a good server, RGS servers are nice and have a very active admin/owner. He has a 5x weekly map wipe and a vanilla monthly map wipe(with 2x the node spawns, 1/4 decay rate, and 10x mini-heli spawns, so even though it’s technically vanilla, the upkeep grind is like an 8x). In either case, no bp wipes, which I really like as a mostly solo player much of the time.

Typical pop on the 5x is around 30, while the vanilla is about half that. Still a lot of fun and pvp activity.

Anyone playing Rust? or have a server?

I play it occasionally these days (about 2500 hours total). Have played on Pickle and more recently Paradise. I’m not aware of any servers currently run by guildies.

The RGS servers which I used to play on (mentioned in my post above from a year ago) are currently defunct and may or may not ever come back.

I play semi-regularly, if anyone is still playing.