RT (Roving Threats) Group Chicken run

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GracelenRose — Today at 5:02 PM
@everyone Hi All…it’s TUESDAY…do you know what that means? it means it’s early enough in the week that you, your kinmates and your friends can your Chicken Prerequisite Runs done for the big run to Minas Tirith this Friday at 7pm EST/EDT…let’s have another great time like we did last Chicken Run…if you have any questions, or need some help, just let us know…have a great rest of your week and see everyone on Friday

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I don’t know what’s needed to participate, but count me in as interested!

Basically you need to go to the shire and do the quests that open up the quest “The Great Wide Open”
Once you have that you go on this run across Middle Earth with some of the RT people running escort for you because you run as a level 1 chicken. You use the RT Discord channel and there are lots of laughs on the way.
Here is a link to the pre-requisites:

Chicken Play Guide - Lotro-Wiki.com

It looks like a lot but I did it really without that much effort and had a lot of fun on my first attempt to run from the Shire to Minas Tirth. I got blindsided by one of those wide ranging scouts just outside of Pelargir, so I will be trying again likely.

GracelenRose runs very nice events and they are open to all on the server.

She and her team do a great job having the Roving Threats (RTs) scouted and ready to go get and she does the chicken runs well as a second event.

RT you have to be level 100 to get the quests and credit and chicken run is in the Shire so any level (10ish and up) can go if you have the starter quests completed.

Actually, RT is 95 for Eriador, 95 for Gondor, and 105/125 for Scourge (Mordor, North Mirkwood, and MB)