RSI Mantis Details released by NewsWeek

RSI Mantis details have been released by NewsWeek and the German GameStar:

It will be an interdiction ship with the capability to pull ships out of Quantum.

Thanks for the article link!

About what I expected.

Though I am a little surprised it is a single crew ship. I figured something more like 2 or even 3 crew.

But they did mention plans for bigger versions of this mechanic.

Weird thing is that CIG is not even acknowledging it.

Not wishing to panic or overstate the case, but isn’t this a real downer for PvE folk?

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Not necessarily.

Criminality system is still in infant stages so we will have to see how that plays out before we can say for sure.
But I expect that use of this mechanic will be closely monitored so that piracy through interdiction will be a huge crime stat. Right now that doesn’t mean much but in time it will pretty much end your existence within the better parts of the verse.

I find it noticeably strange that this news was put out to so many news outlets. We get new ships all the time, and yet several game magazines and even newsweek run articles on this?

Something’s coming.

Maybe they just hired a marketing person that has actual marketing experience :wink:

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The snark is high in this one. :smiley: