Road Map updated through 2019 Q4

In case you had not already heard, the Development Road Map for Star Citizen was recently updated to include deliverables through the end of 2019.

Of note, the Carrack is due to be in game this year!!!

Lots of technical improvements as well as things like female characters, ship to station docking and more places to visit such as Arc Corp and new stations scattered about the system.

Here is a link to the rest of the goodness…

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The Carrack has been on my list to aquire ever since I first saw the concept…I might have to pull the trigger and pick one up. lol

Yeah it certainly seems to be “the ship” for most people. Kinda what they originally intended the Constellation series to be.

We’ll see.

Personally I am more excited for the Polaris… Hoping they do not ruin it like they did the Retaliator! :slight_smile: