Rip Pantheon

According to the Pantheon Foums the game has been grossly mismanaged and Visionary Realms has run out of money and the game as we saw it on cohhs stream is dead in the water.

Most accurate synopsis of what happened is summerized here…

This has been corroborated by some very spirited posts on the pantheon forums

good example here…

sounds Taps All hail the new king the old king is dead.

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Normally i would not post “innuendo” but when it corroborated by multiple posts from multiple reliable sources i had to give it some weight and pass along what I know. Im annoyed as i would have been better off setting that money on fire. I’m heartbroken.


Sadly, I had given up on this some time ago and quit following it…kinda like Star Citizen and Ashes of Creation. My problem is I’m not getting any younger and have to wonder if they actually do come out someday, will I be around to even play them? It’s nice having something to look forward to but I’ve got so many games in the library I need to get back to besides my regulars I have a feeling I’ll be okay…cheer up and watch some Caddyshack or the Holy Hand Grenade or Idiocracy!

edit: match the quote to the movie!

a: A duck!

b: Fifty bucks says he eats it.

c: I like money.

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9 years and now they need more money? I don’t think so. This game will never come out if they don’t have enough to put together a playtest yet.

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I HAD high hopes for this game and even bought a beta pack… sad to see this happening. Now it may become an Extraction Game to make money. Shhhhh


I have been following the latest news about Pantheon having pledged myself…I regret backing this now. First the change in art style that was for the worse in my opinion. Now development is splitting off to make this extraction game to raise more money and that has never worked out for MMO’s in development in the past. I don’t see how they are going to make enough (if much of any) money off this extraction game thing to finish development of the MMO. I pledged to this project already, there’s no way I am giving them more money for some extraction game BS. I will be surprised if we ever see a finished MMO come from all of this. So disappointed…

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I’ll try

A: Holy Handgrenade

B. Caddyshack

C. Idiocracy

You win! I eat ham and jam and spam alot!

As far as this game goes, I threw money at them too. I think I’ve been disappointed more times over the years than I was glad I made the investment…so the most I do now is purchase a game in EA if I like the looks of it…at least in EA something is already there that’s (sometimes) playable. I wouldn’t mind a new Battletech game now that HBS is out on their own again and Rogue Trader is due in December, so I got that going for me, which is nice. Hey! another quote…

A: So I got that going for me, which is nice.

B: Lighten up, Francis.

C: What about the twinkie?

…and the theme of these three quotes? That’s right, all dialogue from Pantheon.

I’m looking forward to more stuff from HBS…I wouldn’t pass up a new Shadowrun game at all.

Thinking about the few things I have actually pledged to/Kickstarted/GoFundedMe I believe every one of them was a failure/disappointment/not worth it. I jumped in the original Kickstarter for The Repopulation so long ago and nothing came of that. Did the Kickstarter for this FTL/spaceship/colony management single player strategy game that never got made. I’ve got money in Pantheon, I’ve got money in Star Citizen. I’ve wasted money on some others as well. Live and learn? I guess not for me in this circumstance.

A. Patheon no longer has that going for it, which is not nice

B. I don’t know who Francis is, but it’s probably their fault

C. Mmmmm, boy! Look what I got here Bob, a Twinkie wiener sandwich…your favorite!

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You know who I feel sorry for is Cohhcarnage he is out 2.4 million. Thats what he invested in Pantheon. Ouchies!

I feel sorry for Cohh as well… He’s a good guy! That’s a lot of $$$. I knew he invested in the game but I didn’t know it was for that much!!! Wow! I wonder how his wife feels about the loss?! Ouchies!

@Jammer his wife will tell you how she feels after she is done beating him with a rolling pin.


Cohh said that he didn’t put up the entire 2.4 mil. He has a new game he is working on now- Emberville.

I watched the 247 and didn’t much notice the game I had pledged for.

I suppose I will check in to VR forums after a few months to see what else has changed.

Little hope left.

I want to ask “Is this thread a joke?” but there’s so many replies. I supported back during their kickstarter phase and again during that first website they had.

I gave up a couple/few years ago watching the “Live with the Devs” game footage and their montly newsletters. Actually I deleted another yesterday? the day before?

Thank you for dropping this knowledge and the thread links. I had no idea.


I would SO love a HBSchemes BT 2

Musings of just another Old Timer…

Love Mythic Entertainment.

Hopefully Ashes of Creation, rises above the agreed Kickstarter ashes of developer dreams. That said, hope is fading for Ashes as well… How many years and STILL in Alpha???

It really takes a producer (EA, UBISoft, Amazon, Activision, etc) to keep the timeline running. From devlopers to marketing… It takes developers skill to maximize all available within that timeline.
We all complain about bugs in production / producer pressed games… yet those games we have the opportunity to play.
I’m trying to think of a kickstarter I’ve pledged $ towards that succeeded as well. Only ones I KNOW held a positive sensation are those towards friends or friends of friends who met some tragic point in life where our helping “GoFundMe” type funding held success, whether short lived or long term.

Need a marketing / ROI minded developer focused personality to step forward.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - A

Caddyshack - B

Idiocracy - C

C. Mmmmm, boy! Look what I got here Bob, a Twinkie wiener sandwich…your favorite! - UHF

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Just for fun since I need some after this Pantheon business:

D: 'Humor. What a concept!"

E: “You’re a daisy if you do.”

F: “So what you’re saying is that Napoleon is a short, dead dude?”

G: “Abby something…”

H: “Inconceivable!”

J: “I like to eat ice cream and really enjoy a nice pair of slacks.”

K: “It looks, after all, as if you will see Berlin before I do.”

I am glad to see they are scrapping the 247 extraction game. I look forward to alpha testing in December (unless it is delayed which i am betting will happen). They just don’t have the staff to produce a viable stable alpha imho. I am adopting a wait and see attitude. VR may yet surprise me. I am Missouri. I am now The “show me” backer for this game. They have made some very bonehead decisions after the passing of Brad. Hopefully they will get their act together. If not I’m looking forward to playing Ashes as I have backed that game as well.

The remake of everquest by darkpaw games i have no interest in as darkpaw has “runied” original EQ with PTW and pay for convenience features in the original game. And I fully expect that model will continue into the “new” iteration/remake of everquest aka Everquest 3.

                                                                                                          **Calicobard Out**