Rift CL, Officers and Intraguild Invites

Here is a current list of our chapter leadership. When you get in game send one of them a private tell giving them your forum name and ask for an invite. If you ever have a question or need help resolving an issue please shoot any of us a PM on the forums or in game we are happy to help!

Sometimes chat goes unnoticed, but Discord is a very good place to get the attention of an officer if other methods fail.

Get your guild invites here

[Forum name - Character name(s)]

Chapter Leader/Recruiting:
Sunwhisper - Rezah, Sunwhisper, Leafana, Sirensong

Executive Officer/Events Officer:
Benwin - Benwin, Michwen, Erbly, Cuetip

General Officers:
Freeloadr - Dag, Freeloadr, Calum, Daggr, Lunen

Please do not use the Guild Finder option in the game to request an invite.

Please reply here if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you soon in game!

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