Revival Catalyst is available starting Tuesday 1/24

Catalyst is being launched this next Tuesday 1/24.

For those unfamiliar with the catalyst…TLDR

It converts Gear into Tier Set Pieces.

Tier Sets have a 2/4 set power bonus - which is why it is important to work towards getting this.

Tier Pieces have set Secondary Stats, any tertiary stats (avoidance) will convert over.

Gear that is convertible is from Raid, WB, M+, PVP, or Upgraded Elemental Gear (purchased with Elemental Overflow and then upgraded with Storm Sigils - this is the route for the casual player)

Crafted Gear can NOT be converted into Tier.

Remember, Tier power is only on Head, Shoulder, Legs, Gloves, & Chest.

Don’t make the mistake of converting a Raid Dropped Waist, Wrists, Feet, or Cloak. The reason this is even an option is for Transmog/alternate stats.

There is a weekly quest to gain you 1 Charge for the catalyst. You can only have 6 charges saved total. This is account wide…once you earn a charge every character will have a charge to spend.

Variety of ways to get the weekly done, WB, Raid, Dungeons, World Events etc.
You will get it by simply doing what you do every week normally.

Hope this helps,


Trevain, not all raid drops are tier pieces so are they excluded as well? I can see where some folks will go use this catalyst to upgrade whatever pieces they have, even raid pieces, hoping for an upgrade. I have a feeling someone will do this with a really good piece thinking it will be upgraded. Its akin to selling your BiS weapon without realizing it, only not having the ability to buy it back.


All raid loot can be converted at the catalyst. We are not talking about the tier tokens at all.

Doesn’t matter what “BiS” item you think you have, if you don’t have 4 pieces of Tier, then you are underpowered and it will reflect in your DPS.

If you can figure out a way to keep your “BiS” item and acquire 4 pieces of Tier in the other 4 slots go for it.

For example….

I currently have a pair of LFR 372 Tier legs rounding out my 4 piece set. Once the catalyst opens I will be converting my 389 legs into tier, maintaining my 4 piece set bonus and raising my ilvl in the leg slot drastically. I did more damage having the 4pc set then breaking the set bonus and using higher ilvl legs.


Congrats on your 4pc set. I’ve only gotten one piece so far so I’ll need to lfr more often to see what I can acquire. I am so far behind all of you folks that I’m surprised I can manage decent dps. I think I do higher dps than the healers but I’ve not been paying attention to my damage meter so I am not positive. Still trying to drop the Healer mentality, because I still find myself throwing out quick heals every once in a while automatically. argh…

If I understand what you are saying, you will still maintain your 4 pc tier set even if you upgrade the legs themselves using the catalyst?

I’m turning Raid Legs into Tier Legs via the Catalyst Converter.

I maintain a 4 piece Tier Set bonus.

Ok, I’m confused. So I went back and reread what you wrote. I totally missed the fact that you had BiS 389 legs separate from your LFR 372 tier legs. From what I initially read, I kept thinking your BiS were your LFR legs…

wow…grats on that.