Returning to World of Tanks

Returning to World of Tanks

Technically, I’m not returning to World of Tanks (WoT). I’ve been playing WoT all along. The difference is that I retired from working life. Therefore, I have time to devout to my favorite game of all time. In the next couple of months, I plan to share some of the tactical information I have squirrelled away in the deep, dark recesses of my mind. In addition, I now have time to be a more serious student of the game. I might even set up a regular platoon to explore cooperative play.

I’m not playing World of Tanks, but /wave!

Good to see you!

Good to see you as well. I guess I should put out a little info:

  1. Retired from United States Civil Service.
  2. Still fighting with Veterans Benefits Administration about my disability.
  3. Attend college and mostly studying Fine Art.
  4. Playing WoT and trying to improve my ability to play the game.
  5. Lost an old wargaming buddy to Covid-19 last year.
  6. Mentoring a young student through college.
  7. Still living in Brunswick, GA for the time being.

I think that is everything at the moment.

Hey Matin!
Great to see you in the forums. I would be interested in platooning in WoT, I am also looking to improve my skills. See you in-game!
Cortinarius (WoT game name)

Any time you see me on, ask for a platoon. If I’m available, I’m in. I will also start writing long tactical doctrine pieces on the OTG forums.

I remember you! It’s been a long time…make that a long, long time :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome to the ranks of the retired, a state I think I was born to inhabit. The problem, for me at least, is that time goes by so fast you don’t have a moment to string two thoughts together. I get up in the morning and its suddenly bedtime! What happened?
As the years went by I drifted into WoTBlitz. I sucked at the ipad version but then it showed up on PC I was all over it although lately I’ve gotten into a game called Panzer Knights…a cross between a campaign in WoT and Girls und Panzer. If you hated the latter then this might not be for you but its tanks with missions solo and I like that…no T10s yelling at you because you went to the wrong place or missed three shots in a row…that doesn’t happen on Blitz because I leave the chat off anyway.
As far as Wargaming goes, I still play World of Warships on the PS4…it’s awesome on the big screen. After reading your latest posts it makes me nostalgic to platoon with the gang again…I miss that but one of the reasons I don’t play regular PC ships and tanks is I have no real desire to load up their wargaming center stuff…just didn’t set right with me. However, I will follow your posts with interest and hope you keep on having fun. Remember the days when a match would start and each side had six arty? :smiley:

Hi Matin,
Congrats on full retirement!
I am still among the working class and trying to finish a yearlong remodel so my lovely wife and I can relax instead of always working on our 1836 house.
You will still see me (IGN Grumpyman) kicking around but hopefully more in the future when I 'm moved into a new den :blush:
Rance, they have tried to nerf arty into the ground but I still see three clickers per side.

Ceyex you rascal! Good to see (or read) you again! How is Alcy? I hope you guys are well and staying safe! Sorry to hear you’re not retired yet but now that I’m old I think it’s better to be young and working than old and befuddled. Have fun and enjoy every day or at least enjoy the gaming parts of every day!

Alcyone is doing well and says hello. Those were the good old days and I was living the dream of gaming with my significant other. I am sure I could pull her away from the puzzle games if the right MMO came along and we actually had the time …

Yeah, I miss those times. I’m all over the road myself. In the last four months or so I’ve played WoW, Lord of the Rings Online, Final Fantasy XIV, The Old Republic and Elder Scrolls. I’ve been hopping around like an idiot depending on what I feel like at the moment. If any of those appeal to the two of you give me a holler and we can see what happens…the end result might be fun! Btw, what kind of puzzles is Alcy doing? Computer or real ones spread out on the table? Because there are about 100+ scattered around leftovers from my mom. Be happy to send you a few. She wanted me to donate them to senior centers or retirement homes but since the Covid I’ve just let them gather dust in the closet. Anyway, its a pleasure to hear from you old relics from the Grand of Era of Gaming! Stay safe and eat lots of ice cream!

Alcy is playing puzzle games on her laptop while streaming Netflix. All our free time has been going to the remodel but I have my desktop set up in a room full of boxes for a few random games in WOT when I have a free moment :smile:

Take care and roger that on the ice cream!