Returning to ESO and need an invite

Playing on NA server, via PC in AK time zone.
@Alaska-Srdo ingame and currently playing a toon named Valnas Dae.

Hope this is enough info.


If you haven’t received an invite yet, send Tess a message. Here’s a link with more info.

invite sent out please check your in game notifications

Thank you, Tess. Will do.

Thank you, Petalwing. Tess contacted me–all is good.

Hi Tess,

would love an invite to ESO as well…returning OTG member. I’m NA server, PC, character name Vanillian. (Not sure you need it, but my username on ESO forums is pfuchs5ub17_ESO. Thanks, hopefully I’m requesting this correctly!)

please PM me with your ESO USER ID also called your @name

Not the ESO forum name

got the invite, thanks Tess.

My username is @Goldenbeery on NA PC. Are you guys on there? I would like an invitation also. Goldie

Please read post on our ESO forums how to get an invite to the ESO chapter

@Goldenbeery I tried to send an invite and it shows me you are at max guilds, you will need to drop 2 guild to join our OTG and our Trading guild
OTG is our main guild that offers a members only store with lower pricing and Old Timers Trading is our public merchant and is optional but to belong to OTT you must be in ESO OTG guild

Hello Tess, I am a new player to ESO. I have been in OTG in Albion Online. I wouldlike to join here also. I am playing on xbox my name there id BattingDamn1. Thanks in advance for your help

I sent you a PM bapril
plz read the PM message, I need you to fill out an OTG App. plz

Please do not post looking for invites…

Please follow steps in this post to get your invite to the ESO chapter

Been away for a while. I still have a character in the PS4 chapter, but is there much (any?) activity?