Returning player questions

Edit- I have answered some of my own questions and post the answer here. Those answers in italics

Hey Guys, its been a while. My son and I are playing ESO (both of us are in OTG). At some point we will sent Tess a PM for an invite, but for now we are just immersed in the story.The world seems bright and shiny. The water looks great. Love again all of the voice over stories. The writing is good.

I am playing a Necro (Majicka DPS build) and he is a sorcerer. We were having hoot taking on those 1M+ hp bosses together…seems like a game of running around in circles healing each other.

Anyway, I had some questions on stuff that I had forgotten. Sorry if this goes on way too long…

  1. There is a keybind for call pet or command pet. Not sure what this does. I wanted to use the middle mouse button for something else so I unbound it. Do you guys use this command pet?

  2. Minion and mods- I am having issues with Minion. I had a previous version from the last time I played, and I uninstalled it. I then did a reinstall and it hangs. Has anyone had this problem? I was manually downloading and extracting mods, and that takes quite a bit of time.

- found this list of troubleshooting procedures for minion

On the mods themselves…seems like the more you load up, the slower your load time. Is there a quick way to check which mods are the most resource intensive? For instance I could use a couple decent crafting mods to track what I have researched, and more easily know how to make enhancements or potions I desire, but every time I load those, the game times out on load. I might be close to the 500GB limit of my SSD drive…maybe that is the problem? Just wondering if anyone else experiences the mod lag in game.

- The answer here seems to be related to Windows Firewall. Procedure here, text for quick reference

Get to Windows firewall by start, control panel, system and security, windows firewall.

Under Windows Firewall, select allow program through Windows Firewall.

You get a list of programs with permissions. Click change settings at top right.

*Next list, go to bottop, pick ‘Allow another program’. Browse for ESO. Default director is *

c\program files(x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder scrolls online\game\client

Click ESO and add it to the list. Scroll down list and enable box for public, and click OK.

  1. Crafting hirelings- last time I was here I remember that if you had hirelings within a craft, you got resource material mailed to you periodically. That seems like a good thing. I had a few 50s with maxed professions, and hirelings. I was getting confusing information on whether or not you needed to carry the ranks of that profession to make sure you got top tier mats. For cloth, wood, and blacksmithing seems like you needed to rank up to max to get mats at max. But what about provisioning, enchanting? I think if I have an idle 50 with maxed professions, I could just spec them into hirelings and get free stuff per day until I play them again.

  2. How do you get the minimap (addon) to stay up in combat? My son will get agro, and there goes my minimap, and I have no idea where he went.

  3. Jewelcrafting- this is new to me, it was not in the game last time I was here. Can you make set items with it? I saw some jewelcrafting stations in the set piece crafting areas. Does this mean you can have what, 7 armor, 2 rings, 1 necklace, and 2 weapons = 12 set piece items? Nice! Is there a quick way to get this up there? I started researching with my main armor guy

- OK this all came with the Summerset DLC, and if you subscribe like I did, you have it. New characters you make as a subscriber start in that zone. Apparently talk to Felarion outside the gates of Alinor to get a quest to become certified. XP grind here is by processing raw materials, deconstructing, and doing writs. There is a mod called Dolugubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter which speeds up the daily writ process that may be worth downloading.

  1. Psij? stuff- I was looking into some builds and they were using skills from something like Psij or psychic skills. I assume this is an expansion that came in the game since I played last. Where is that area, how do you get started on it, and how long does it take to do it? There are so many quests everywhere, it is hard knowing what leads to new content.

- Alcast has a Psijic Order levelling guide that walks you through the process. This is in Summerset. Basically you close rifts in different places.

  1. Tank- my son did want to do a tank, but from what he was reading he was saying you run out of magicka/stamina fast and some groups just use multiple healers and skip tanks. Is tank an end game thing you spec into? He was saying something about Dragon Knights having an ultimate which makes them unkillable, and that ultimate came back fast. Also he was saying something like tanking is taunt then hold block until the taunt wears off…is it more involved than that? He is pretty discouraged.

  2. Is the guild doing any PvP? Eventually we will like to do some of that.

  3. Champion points…I am around 140. Seems like the fastest way to get them is to just run around with a 50 getting all the skyshards and discovery and delves in the zones. Any advice there?

- There is a lot going on here. I think if you did everything before they changed the system you would get 160CP. But they added ‘enlightenment’ which is 400K xp rest bonus per day across the account that makes grinding XP worth it. Alcast has a few good guides on this. One is this Dolmon grind . Written form of guide here. Basically you load up on training gear and other xp boosts, head to the Alik’r desert, join the grind group there (I think it is +dolmen in chat to get an invite). There are 3 dolmens near wayshrines that you just run through in a loop. Doing this ups fighter’s guild experience. The other method is here, which describes high spawn population points where you can just mass kill stuff for maximum gain. Seems like anyone beyond some point in the game has to grind.

  1. I should get in Discord. Probably would go faster on questions.



Rather than edit the post further, making it harder to read, I will post some more of the things I found that answered my questions. I do this not out of a desire to demonstrate authority, but a desire to have someone else avoid the learning curve I went through.

With Minion, I was running a 2.4 beta version before I quit last. They are on 3.something now. When I tried to install it, it was failing, and doing so even after add/remove programs, uninstall from Windows. So I noticed the default directory it wanted to install to, opened up file explorer and saw there already was a directory of that name. So I deleted the old Minion directory, and then installed and it worked fine.

With load lag, I did add ESO to the exception list for Windows Firewall as per directions in the edited post. Load times went from several minutes/timeout, to 40s for even more addons than I originally had. Minion does give you file size for the addons, and this can help perhaps with load times ( I assume the larger the file size, the longer the load time).

I did manage to go to the island off the SW coast (Summerset) and get certified as a JC. You have a wayshrine active there even if you never went there, and that is the fast route. I run Doulgobon’s Lazy Writ Crafter addon and this makes short work of the jewelcrafting, clothing, woodworking, and blacksmithing writs. Seems like Summerset has a pretty decent crafting hub too, with all of the stations in a central area and the turn ins for writs not far away.