Returning player looking for HUD layout advice

Hi all!
I just jumped back into the game, and I’m wanting to make the HUD more “user friendly”. I would like to incorporate collapsing hotbars and whatever else I can do to make it easier (too many actions not enough screen tends to create anxiety in me) and simpler (enjoyable). Coming from WoW, it’s a bit of a culture shock, and has often turned me off from playing.
I digress, so I’m here to ask you fine folks if you have any tips or know of any guides, downloads ect… that would be of any help to me.

Thank you in advance.
Happy 4th!


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Following, I returned about a month ago, and find the need to click on HB2, HB3…etc. causes me to sometimes grab the skill instead of using it, which is a real pain.

Here’s a video:

There are many more webpages with info:

I also recommend learning how to use macros (true confession: I’ve been playing for nearly a year and my macro use is still at a beginner level).

Here is my current HUD (and I will be tweaking it further).

And here is how it looks in Layout mode:

Thank you so much for the information. I saw something earlier today and I’m kind of curious. Is modding against ToS?

3rd party mods are indeed against the TOS.

I figured Squeenix was against it.

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Thanks Rosyposy…I started to do this but saw a few Reddit posts saying they weren’t needed…I’m gonna try this and see if it helps out

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Whoever says that “Macros aren’t needed.” is an idiot, since that’s not the point of macros :smiley:

Edit: Simple example, my primary initiating attack is a macro, which does:
/cast TheAttack

Is it needed? Of course not. Is it nice to be able to drop down on something with your mount and just hit 1 twice and dismount and attack? Yes.


Stache…looky, it’s a fishing macro

/ac “cast”
/wait 18
/ac “hook”
/wait 5

This would be nice to have in WoW

LOL…I try to NOT do fishing if I can help it, my ADD kicks in after like 2 casts. It’s been a running joke with my family that NEVER take me fishing/hunting/(insert anything else requiring one to sit still for more than like 2min)

See…that’s what I get for listening to Reddit, just like the infamous WoW forums…NERF “Class” they’re OP

The thing to remember about macros is that they use whole seconds to process commands even if you tell them to use fractions of a second. IE 4.5 becomes 5 seconds. In general it’s not a lot of time, but it can add up over the length of a fight and lower your dps.

I just hit z to dismount…

That is more useful than it initially seems, love the easy and simple, yet effective

Full macro, which also suppresses the error when you’re not mounted, and shows the icon of your attack skill (Hakaze for my SAM)

/macroicon Hakaze
/macroerror off
/ac “Hakaze”

Sounds like something you would yell before you swing your sword to intimidate your foe…“HAKAZE!!!”. :crazy_face: