Returning player and EoD question/s

Hi I just started playing GW2 again and I see there are so many changes. Due to health issues I usually end up playing solo and I want to get set up to play the new expansion. I already have several level 80s (scourge, ranger and guardian) and also other classes at varying levels. My question is for laidback playing which class would be good for solo play now that different ones have been nerfed. Also do I need to play through the previous expansions before I start the new one? Thanks, any tips would be appreciated.

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Second question first, no you do not need to play the previous expansions. However, you will be out of sync for the story, so you’ll get a lot of spoilers and some stuff that just won’t make sense.

You didn’t mention if you’ve played any of the other expansions–did you start them? Do you have gliding or any mounts?

As for professions, you’ve already got a solid three there. Depending on the builds you play for ranger or guardian, really any of those three can get you through the content (my primary characters are ranger, scourge, guardian, mesmer).

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I have all but 2 mounts, I don’t have the eagle? and the bug one. I know on my ranger I have gotten through some of each of the previous expansions. It has just been so long I need a refresher on what i need to do to finish those expansions. I know in the past the ranger was my favorite and then the scourge so I will take a look at some builds for them. Thank you for your input.

2 Likes is a good place to start. The basic ranger build is still good.

You may want to update your scourge.

I’m only just discovering how good a Firebrand (guardian) is in celestial gear, so I’d recommend that when you get around to it. The tomes (F skills) change your 1-5 weapon skills, so it ends up adding 15 skills. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you get more comfortable with what they do, it’s kind of easy mode.

Give a shout out in game if you need a hand with any story instances, or just whatever kind of questions.

Sweet thank you so much. I had already found the condi scourge one but wasn’t sure which of the others was best to use so this is a big help.

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If “laid back playing” means builds that don’t require long rotations or frenzied button mashing, check out Mukluk’s guides to low intensity builds. These center around only having to press a couple buttons, but do more than respectable damage. Entire playlist can be found here: 20k+ DPS with 1 Button, the AutoBoomer Mech Build Guide - YouTube

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Thank you I will check that out. Honestly I was getting frustrated with myself and was afraid I would have to quit playing until my health is better but I will try those guides.

Looks interesting, thanks for posting that. I’ll take a look when I get a chance to get back into the game. Pesky real life issues again. I’m also too much of a casual player to bother with complicated rotations and suchlike.


Scourge is a bit more intensive because a lot of your damage is in your shroud (F1-5) skills.

Basic ranger is still pretty low key, as is a basic guardian or even a power Dragonhunter. Dragonhunter gives you some more active uses for the F1-3 instead of mostly passive buffs, but it’s not overwhelming.

I’d actually recommend going with a basic ranger as you relearn the game mechanics a bit. Give me a holler if there are some pets you need help finding. :wink: