Returning OTG players

Good Evening OTG, Me and the wife are returning after many years away, we were on the rolls for many years back when DDO started, we sadly had to take a pretty long hiatus around when the Faerun expansion came out, I have been in on and off since but the wife hasn’t been on. We are finally in a place where we can both play more and would like to get our characters back in the best guild in DDO. We both have at least 10 characters apiece but are woefully behind the times since we have missed quite a bit of content. I do believe a couple of my characters are still in the guild, Cyranis and Callieh I think, maybe others, I haven’t checked them all. The wife’s main was Rayvenlock, I am not sure how many of the original crew are still around but I know I have seen Torron/Xorron around lately, I am sure he remembers us. So if there is anything we need to do to get re-invites please let me know and we both look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

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Either move this thread to our DDO Private subforum or start a new thread there, and just list the names needing invites.

Hey there @DrgnMstr . You are currently a guest on this site and not current OTG members. As such you will not be able to see the private areas of the forums or Discord. We may be able to find your old credentials and update you to match. Start by posting here: Questions About the Application Process? Ask Here - #324 by loudwolf. Your wife will need to post with her account as well. Hopefully we can get you up and running quickly!

@DrgnMstr - if you haven’t already, you and your wife should definitely check out this post once your back on: