Returning - Buy New Xbox or Playstation? And What Game(s)?

Been away for a while, gang. Been playing a bit of ESO, mostly solo, and not much else. But the time has come. I want to get back into the fold and playing with the OTG gang again.

I’ve become mostly a console gamer. Yes, I’m an old fart who just loves to lean back in my recliner with the controller in hand. :slight_smile: So I’m looking for the best way to do it. I’m likely going to spring for a new console. I currently have a PS4, but if an XBox game(s) is head-and-shoulders above PS for OTG involvement, I’ll get an XBox.

Looking forward to your input.

If nobody has any input regarding a console purchase, can you at least tell me…what are the most active OTG games on the Playstation and the XBox platforms?

Come on, gang. You’re forcing me to sound desperate, pathetic and needy!! LOL!! Aww, what the hey…I AM desperate, pathetic and needy!! :crazy_face::nerd_face:

Give me some console games advice‼️