Return to FFXIV

Would I be allowed to rejoin the OTG Chapter in FFXIV on the Excalibur server?

I made a military move from Texas to Hawaii and was out for some time. My computer was damaged and was not able to be repaired. I’ve finally assembled another rig and jumping right back into it. I logged in to find that I was no longer in the FC, most likely due to my extended absence. I’m sure Puddin, Revenant, Ali, Rev, & Maelya would remember me if you dropped my name: Distraught Shinigami.

Appreciate your time!


HEY! Welcome back man! I’m sure if you hit up an officer, it would be a quick re-add. Your timing is excellent with the expansion dropping soon.

You got removed I think 2 weeks ago during the half annual cleanup, from what I remember :slight_smile:

Everyone who hasn’t logged in for X months+ gets kicked. Not quite sure why since we don’t seem to be near capacity, but such are the rules :smiley:

If you have any of us still in your friendslist, you can do a guild application from there (info on player, go to their guild, put in app, from what I remember) that should help speed things up. You can also go on Discord and babble to someone there.

Welcome back! And moving always sucks, especially if stuff breaks!