Resto Shaman Improvements going into Dragonflight & round table RE: Evoker healing tree

Growl feedback: 26,638 views Jul 21, 2022 I played some dungeons on Restoration Shaman in the new build of the WoW: Dragonflight alpha. I wanted to share my first impressions and gameplay of the class.

MadSkillzz actually posted this video today (7/22) and shows the talent tree and give a bit of a different take than Growl does, but both are using the Resto Shaman healer in their run. Judging by some of his comments, some of the talents are not working in Alpha for some reason, but will probably be available once the xpac launches.

Things will change, obviously, but for now having this information for Resto Shaman is great. Since I’m maining my Resto Shaman at the moment, I’m excited over this because its more ranged than the Evoker healer setup. I shall still try out the Evoker healer but am not a fan of mid-to-melee ranged work. Except in Raids where standing on the tanks or at the boss’ feet works really good for AoE healing. Shall have to watch this as it will depend on how it feels as to which I continue to raid with.

This video has a good discussion going on about the evoker healer tree and how it would work based upon its mid-range stance. I like the fact that there were several folks discussing this from different points of view and it was really quite enlightening.

Hey guys! New class - new video. I took the time to sit down with some quality content creators to talk about the ins and outs of the new Evoker class coming in Dragonflight, as well as some of their initial thoughts on it. We go through the talent trees and discuss the merits of the class and some of the meta game around it. Hope you enjoy!