Rest in Peace Cloverleaf

You were an awesome cat. I will miss you.


I am so sorry. I have four currently and have lost many through my years. I love the term fur-babies because they are members of our family. Losing a beloved pet always hurts.

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I am so sorry, @Kelryth. What a pretty baby.

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Very sorry for your loss @Kelryth.

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So sorry for your loss @Kelryth

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Very sorry for you loss.

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Virtual hugs, @Kelryth . It’s always hard losing a member of your family, even the fur babies!

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Oh I’m so sorry for your loss. In my time I’ve burried 5 of mine. Sabre, Miahandra, Freya, Storm, and my beautiful big black cat Jack (Union Jack the comic book hero). I do understand and feel what you’re going through. How I wish you were not. - Tom

ps: I forget … are x’s hugs or are those kisses? I just don’t feel right saying xoxoxoxo and you’d be like … ok that was weird. :slight_smile: Hope you laughed even if it was only for a moment. /hug


So sorry for your loss. Been there several times ourselves. We completely understand how hard it is to lose a beloved pet.

Stay strong.

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So sorry for your loss. She looks really happy and content in that picture.

Think of the great life you’ve given her. I’m sure she lived with overflowing love during the time she was with you. You gave her the best life she could have had. Think of how happy you had made her every day. She will most certainly rest in peace.

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I’m so sorry for your loss of your precious Cloverleaf. My profile page is of my beloved kitty, Sweetness . I lost her in December. I know how precious our little babies are to us. Sweetness was a blessing to me for 19 years and my heart still hurts. Cloverleaf and Sweetness are playing together over the bridge now and will wait for us on the other side. :cry: :broken_heart:

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sorry for your loss as well. :frowning:

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(((((((((( @Kelryth )))))))))) <— old fashioned IRC hugs.

:hugs: <---- new 21st century emoticon hug

The pain does ease but you’ll never forget Cloverleaf. I hope her/his passing was not painful.

If you have a hunter in WoW name a kitty after Cloverleaf. In retail you can actually name your companion pet’s which I know you know. But Classic is a bit behind the times.

Remember the good times you had together.

Hugs from Safari

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She liked to sit in my baseball cap when she was a kitten.

Pic was taken June 12 2008. little over a month old then.