Resource Redistribution

How you do suppose this will effect the mining and trit sales in HS?

For reference:

The resource composition of the ore anomalies in null security space was reduced by up to 60% in total volume. In theory, this will mean that players will spend more time maneuvering their vessels around the reduced capacity asteroids and less time mining them to extract the valuable minerals inside. Ore anomalies are not the only place to find these minerals in EVE ; mineral-rich asteroids also spawn in naturally occurring asteroid belts, spread throughout almost every star system in the game. These asteroid belts were hit by the update as well, seeing two types of ore removed from them entirely.

I am just wondering if it might make HS mining and reprocessing a little bit profitable, at least for trit. I know you get quite a bit of it from reprocessing useless modules.

I had planned to stockpile tritanium/veldspar before this happened, so I will watch with interest as my stash grows.

@gaufres I have to remember to login and give you back everything I have.