Resolve and info for Chaos Zones

Mob infoEdit

  • Nameds in overlands have 6-7bil hp and 28,775 combat mit
  • Common trash mobs have 800mil-1bil hp and 24,456 combat mit
  • Epic 3x in PQ overland has 3.8bil hp and no listed combat mit

Potency MitigationEdit

All mobs have a potency mitigation, that means they “ignore” at roughly 40.000 potency. T1 Heroic mitigate roughly 50k potency and T2 Heroics mitigate roughly 60k potency.
Means there is a “huge” boost in your dps when you get from 50k to 55k potency in T1 heroic zones => it roughly doubles your dps.


Chaos Descending heroic and raid boss encounter Resolve values are shown below. The non-named encounters will have 10 less resolve then the bosses. For every point that you under this minimum Resolve value, you take more damage and your DPS decreases by 1%.

  • Solo encounters have no resolve requirements
  • Heroic Tier 1: 1060
  • Heroic Tier 2: 1334
  • Raid Tier 1: 1512
  • Raid Tier 2: 1672
  • Raid Tier 1 Mythic: 1797
  • Raid Tier 3: 1873
  • Raid Tier 2 Mythic: 2032
  • Raid Tier 4: 2112
  • Raid Tier 3 Mythic: 2273
  • Raid Tier 4 Mythic: 2395

Gearing Up To Meet Resolve RequirementsEdit

  • Solo overland collection rewards have 40 Resolve per piece.
  • Solo instance collection rewards have 50 Resolve per piece.
  • Mastercrafted gear has 60 Resolve per piece. If you are fully kitted out in Mastercrafted gear, that’s 21 pieces × 60 Resolve = 1260 Resolve.
  • Convention of Elements [Heroic] - Collect all Heroic mounts to get the mount Czernobog, Goliath of Chaos that gives 7k potency and 60 resolve
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This gives you nice collection of what stats you need for doing Chaos zones and missions.

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Looks like things in game are changing, lets see what today’s patch gives us.
New Resolve checks for patch tomorrow:
Heroic Tier 1 Boss: 1050
Heroic Tier 2 Boss: 1260
Raid T1 Boss: 1310
Raid T2 Boss: 1610
Raid T1 Challenge Boss: 1725
Raid T3 Boss: 1790
Raid T2 Challenge Boss: 1935
Raid T4 Boss: 2000
Raid T3 Challenge Boss: 2145
Raid T4 Challenge Boss: 2250
From outlaws list

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