Rescue : 2 Cats : san jose CA almaden expway / oakridge mall area 95123 : helping friend home 2 cats

I work at a Vet hospital. Co-worker suffered a family loss. She has two cats that need a new forever home. Both are boys , fixed , one is indoor other was indoor / outdoor but now is indoor only since late february.

I’ll get a couple pictures up soon.

One is a long hair white body with light cream markings “Cowboy”. Supposidly has a irriatable bowel syndrome and is on a IAMS healthy digestive (bright pink bag) but is also fed a shredded chicken wet food so … we really don’t know. She, my co worker, doesn’t know much about the two cats as they were her daughter’s. Cowboy is the type that wouldn’t take up much space. He’d find some place to curl up and sleep. Loves attention loves to eat while given love and attention.

The other is a light tan cat short hair named “Arrow”. As he was shot with a arrow some years ago and my friend’s daugther who was a Vet Tech healed and took him in. Arrow loves to wrap himself in my arms and just be held. He purrs and just rubs my chin while held. He, I would guess, would just be on you or in your lap.

They’ve been here at the Vet hospital I work at since 3rd February for Cowboy and 28th February for Arrow.

I live in the san jose 95123 area … oakridge mall / almaden expway highway 85 / 87 local.

If anyone has a home and would be willing to take these two in I’ll get in touch and / or let my friend know.

Thank you - Sorry I don’t have pictures atm.

Thanks - Tom

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You might try, if you haven’t already. I used it extensively recently when getting rid of some furniture, pre-move, and I saw lots of pet related posts (missing pets, pets need a new home, etc.). The nice thing about it is that it is local to you.