Request To Join OTG Club

Not sure who owns this. I submitted my request. Would also like to be an Admin if possible.

Good morning! I’d like access to this section of the forums, please!


You do since you replied. Am I missing something?

Probably not. I’m still learning these forums. Apologies!

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@Benbrada Is there a active Xbox official game group?
I’m 40 and retired, just looking for (a way) to reach out to Microsoft specific console players.

Xbox: Brraaainsss (Richard)

@Benbrada I mean … on the Xbox Live device itself. :+1:

@Brraaainsss there is an OTG group, “active” is a relative term :joy: OTG is primarily a PC guild.

@Brraaainsss I need gamertag for an invite

Hey guys. I just got a xbox1. Looking to join the club. I sent a request.

Welcome! Not much action there I’m afraid though :frowning: @Ordegar or I will accept your request!

Yeah I’m sure it much like the Sony crowd.

@Benbrada and @Mezilar I am a 40 yr former army food worker.

GT: Brraaainsss @ xbox

red dead 2
the outer worlds
grand theft auto v
60+ titles to play.

or maybe we should create a OTG xbox only group on facebook?
i hardly post on this site.

i am also retired and like desktop gaming, if i ever buy one.

Richard_in_Florida :slight_smile:

Hey bro. Sorry, like you I don’t post much on here and only check in once and while. But I’ll send you a friend request. I’m primarily plying NMS again and loving it.

We have a new Xbox club/group. Please post your Gamertag here for an invite: New Xbox Group Invite Thread